Workplaces that go beyond four walls

11 September 2023
Imagine a workplace where you don't just work, but you thrive. That's what the WELL Health-Safety Rating is helping to achieve. We dive into how the rating is shaping the workplace of the future and what you can expect in a WELL rated workplace.


We think a workspace should be more than just a place to work; it should be an inspiring, flexible and healthy environment. It should be somewhere that supports your health, safety, and wellbeing to help you perform at your best. Somewhere you’re happy to spend up to eight hours a day.

The leap into virtual ways of working has highlighted how much of the success of the physical workplace rests on human-centred design that prioritises the health and safety of workers and visitors. 

The workplace is primarily about human face-to-face activities – collaboration, connection, and relationship building – so it’s important that users of the space are confident that their health and safety is being taken care. 

Say hello to our WELL rated workplaces

We’re using the WELL Health-Safety Rating to shape workplaces that are focused on supporting physical and emotional wellbeing. Being awarded a WELL Health-Safety rating is not just a badge – it's a symbol of our dedication to creating workplaces that enhance health and wellbeing, and make it easy for people to take good care of themselves.

We underwent a rigorous process to achieve our WELL Health-Safety Rating for four workspaces – in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. And we’ll continue to seek ratings for our workplaces to ensure we can champion spaces that enable people to be healthier, happier and more productive at work.

As you step into one of our workplaces, you can feel confident that it’s an inspiring space in which to work and collaborate. The WELL seal outside means you can feel safer inside.

Here’s a summary of some of the strategies we’ve put in place:

Breathe easy with clean air

Better air quality reduces the risk of health issues. Research has shown that better ventilation in a building can reduce the chance of influenza, the transmission of COVID-19 and other airborne contagious diseases.

We’re improving air filtration, providing adequate ventilation and fresh air in our workplaces for better comfort and health. We monitor air quality regularly and conduct inventories of all filters and equipment to ensure everything is well maintained. As part of achieving the rating, we have developed a Legionella management plan that includes regular monitoring and sampling of water systems to reduce the risk. 

Managing mould and moisture

Mould in the workplace can be a serious health and safety risk. Mould can grow in wet or moist areas that don’t have enough ventilation. It can increase the risk of developing respiratory infections and asthma. The WELL rating requires us to regularly monitor for bacteria and mould growth within our workplaces and internal leaks. We have also provided a way for people to report issues.

Embedding wellbeing into the workplace

We regularly share resources and information with our employees to educate them on our health and safety actions. 

Keeping it clean

The design of our workplaces helps to minimise high-touch surfaces to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. We’ve also put the spotlight on thorough cleaning and hand washing protocols. As part of our commitment, we provide low-hazard cleaning products that are better for indoor air quality and the people using the products.

We’ll continue to incorporate wellbeing strategies into our workplaces and build on the lessons we’ve learned along the way.

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