Frequently Asked Questions

The below questions and answers have been provided as general information only and should not be regarded as, and is not, investment advice. You should always seek independent advice tailored to your personal circumstances.

A stapled security is created when two or more different securities are legally bound (or “stapled”) together so that they cannot be acquired or disposed of separately. A Stockland stapled security (ASX:SGP) represents one ordinary share in Stockland Corporation Ltd and one ordinary unit in Stockland Trust. Stockland stapled securities are traded on the Australian Securities Exchange.

The number of securities you own can be found by:

Computershare manages Stockland’s share registry. Contact Computershare if you wish to:

  • Update your contact information
  • Obtain statements
  • Update your bank account information
  • Notify us of your Tax File Number or Australian Business Number
  • Find out information about your securityholding.

Phone: 1800 804 985 or 03 9415 4000

Online: Computershare Investor Centre

Email: Computershare

You can buy or sell Stockland stapled securities on the Australian Securities Exchange through a broker. If you don't have a broker, the Australian Securities Exchange operates a broker referral service:

The security price can be found on our website's Share Price page. The page is updated every 20 minutes.

Stockland pays distributions on a half-yearly basis, following our half-year and full year results announcements at or around the end of February and August.

As Stockland's financial year end is 30 June, it issues the Annual Tax Statement in August each year. The Annual Tax Statement provides a summary of the distribution and dividends paid during the year and includes information required to complete your annual tax return. You can also access your Annual Tax Statement online through your Computershare securityholder account.

You can obtain your individual Annual Tax Statement from Computershare, our share registry.

Phone: 1800 804 985 or 03 9415 4000

Online: Computershare Investor Centre

Email: Computershare

A guide to your Annual Tax Statement can be found on our website in Taxation.

You can find historical information regarding Stockland in the Shareholder Information section of this website. This includes historical distribution and dividend information, as well as information on past scrip for scrip takeovers, capital reallocations and security stapling.

Stockland announced the cancellation of the Distribution and Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) on 23 August 2018. For securityholders that have a standing nomination to participate in the DRP, these nominations will automatically not apply. No further action is required to be taken by securityholders in respect of the cancellation of the DRP.

Information can be found on the Securityholder Information webpage.

Yes. Securityholders can choose which communications they wish to receive and how they wish to receive them by contacting Computershare, our share registry.

Phone: 1800 804 985 or 03 9415 4000

Online: Computershare Investor Centre

Email: Computershare

A Holder Identification Number, or HIN, is a number issued to you after you enter an agreement with a stockbroker to buy securities. You do not need to notify Stockland or our share registry of your HIN. You should keep your HIN secure and confidential, as it is quoted in all interactions between your broker and the share registry.

A Securityholder Reference Number, or SRN, is a number issued to you by share registry on behalf of Stockland if you do not have a broker agreement. You should keep your SRN secure and confidential. Your SRN should be quoted in all interactions you have with the share registry. If you misplace your SRN, contact Computershare as soon as possible.


We ask that you contact Stockland Investor Relations:

Phone: (02) 9035-2000 ;