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SuperCroc is unleashed at Stockland Green Hills

31 July 2018

Stockland Green Hills will step back in time and transform into a prehistoric swampland this week as the centre welcomes a life-sized model of the mighty Sarcosuchus Imperator on Friday 3 July.

Stockland has partnered with the Australian Museum to bring the one-of-a-kind model of a mighty prehistoric crocodile to the Maitland region.

Angela Vogt, Stockland Green Hills ‘Centre Manager, said: “We are thrilled to be working with the Australian Museum to bring the SuperCroc on Tour exhibit to Stockland Green Hills and to offer customers the chance to get up close and personal with this life-sized model of an enormous prehistoric predator.”

Affectionately known as SuperCroc, the ultra-realistic Sarcosuchus Imperator model was built in collaboration with a team of palaeontologists and scientists for the National Geographic documentary, SuperCroc.

The Sarcosuchus Imperator was one of the all-time largest crocodilians to have ever roamed the earth, ranging between 11-12 metres in length and weighing approximately 8 tonnes – about as heavy as a fully grown male elephant!

Following the documentary, National Geographic gifted SuperCroc to the Australian Museum where it has been exhibited alongside the museum’s impressive collection of ancient fossils.

Kim McKay AO, Director and CEO, Australian Museum, said: “Visitors to Stockland shopping centres are certainly in for a treat when they encounter SuperCroc, the 11m long ancient African monster which is still clearly bigger than any croc known to have snapped its jaws in Australia.

“It is great to be working with Stockland giving communities outside of central Sydney the opportunity to see this prehistoric beast and learn about its habitat and life dating from 110 million years ago.”

To provide customers with a true sense of what it would be like to step back in time, the centre will run a number of fun and educational activities* for kids to enjoy in conjunction with the SuperCroc tour.

Visitors to Stockland Green Hills as well as additional Stockland tour locations** will also have the chance win a family trip for four to the Northern Territory for a real life crocodile experience.

Angela Vogt continues, “With his fascinating history and impressive size we know SuperCroc will be a hit with young and old alike and look forward to launching this fantastic educational entertainment offering at Stockland Green Hills.”

SuperCroc on Tour will open at Stockland Green Hills on Friday 3rd July from 9:00am and will be available for customers to view for free every day until Wednesday 29 August.

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