Instead of spending lots of money on new decorations, why not show your creative flare and hand-make some.

29 November 2018

When we think about Christmas time, there are a few things that come to mind; beautiful Christmas Trees, intricate table decorations and exquisite trinkets all around the home.

But Christmas is such a busy, and often expensive time of year for a lot of families. With presents to buy, food to prepare and events to attend, spending money on decorations for the home is the last thing on people’s minds.

So, this year, why not showcase your creative flair and hand-make your Christmas decorations? With only a few cost-effective materials required as well as a little bit of creative thinking, you’ll have yourself some beautiful Christmas decorations to transform your home.

A Christmas Wreath

A traditional Christmas staple in many households, a wreath on the front door not only symbolises the festive season, but it also ensures the Christmas vibe starts from the main entrance of the home. Christmas wreaths can be costly, but making one yourself is not only super simple, but it’s also lots of fun – and a great activity to get the kids or grandchildren involved in! 

To make your own wreath all you need is a ready made circular wreath base (you can pick these up from most arts and craft stores), a hot glue gun, greenery and any other festive materials you’d like to include. Your old Christmas tree decorations will be very handy for this!

If you’re feeling extra creative and really want to wow your guests this Christmas, you can make your wreath using fresh greenery and other floral arrangements. Even though your wreath won’t last as long, the flowers and leaves can easily be removed for the following year. Give it a go!

Easy DIY Christmas Candle

Easy DIY Christmas Candle

Candle holder

There’s nothing lovelier than sitting down to a delicious Christmas dinner by candlelight, so this year, why not have a go at making your own festive candle holder to inject a bit of individuality into your home decorations? Using a selection of craft materials like string, a glue gun, and artificial Christmas foliage and twigs, as well as a generic wax candle and glass cup or jar, creating your own candle holder has never been easier.

Simply place the candle inside the cup or jar, then using the glue gun, begin to attach the twigs to the cup, forming a border around the candle. Continue by decorating the twigs with festive materials and secure with string for extra security.

You can use this as a centrepiece for your dining table, or as a decorative ornament in the entrance way of your home. The choice is yours!

Easy DIY Christmas Wreath

Easy DIY Christmas Wreath

DIY place cards for the dining table

If you’re planning to host a big Christmas gathering this year, we’ve got just the DIY project for you! Instead of spending money on intricate place cards for your guests, we’re going to show you how you can make your own.

All you need to make the place cards is a piece of cardboard (size and quantity will depend on the number of guests) and cut to desired shape or size.

Then using a thick marker or calligraphy pen, write the names of your guests onto each piece of card, completing them with a piece of artificial holly or festive decoration. But if your handwriting isn’t ideal, find a lovely font and print them out.

These are just a few simple and fun creative Christmas projects for not only you, but the kids as well. And your guests will love all the personal touches, too! 

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