While homebodies all have one obvious thing in common, you can’t generalise when it comes to this personality type, which makes Christmas shopping for them sometimes feel like an impossible task.

29 November 2018

There’s the homebody who’s most comfortable in their own company cuddled on the couch, and there’s the extrovert homebody that’s passionate about perennially playing hostess in their own pad.

Some homebodies like to cook, others like to read a book. Some like to be in the garden, others like to relax in bed. With that said, we’ve garnered some of the most popular Christmas gift ideas to for a range of homebody archetypes to hopefully spark some inspiration.

Cosy feels

Cushions and candles might be small in size, but they make a huge impact when it comes to creating a cosy and calm atmosphere.

If the person you’re buying for likes to keep things neutral then cushions with tassels, texture and frilled accents liven any room up immediately. If their space is large and bright, darker pillows create a sense of cosiness. Don’t be afraid to clash patterns either!

You can't go wrong with a candle
You can't go wrong with a candle

Candles and a beautiful bunch of blooms will be hugely appreciated by the homebodies who are lovers of elegance and grace. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous and confident you know their taste, then buy some artwork for a point of interest in their home – you’ll get an unforgettable reaction on Christmas Day.  


Home cooks who love to wine and dine their family and friends in the comfort of their own crib will be wrapped with dinner and glassware this festive season, particularly if they’re planning on hosting a main event.

If you’re buying for a couple, you could invest in a full 20-piece dinner set, which they’ll use for years to come. White and cream coloured sets are always a sophisticated, yet safe option. Or, keep it simple and practical with a new teacup or mug because every type of homebody enjoys sipping on a warm cuppa while curled up on the couch.

Always choose neutral dinnerwear when gifting
Always choose neutral dinnerwear when gifting

The beauty of greenery and foliage is it complements every colour scheme. So, pick up a potted indoor plant or a small cactus for their windowsill that’s easy to look after, or go for native foliage in a vase to liven up their kitchen.

Sleeping in style

Help the ladies who like to lounge beat the heat this Christmas by gifting her some bamboo cotton pyjamas. Not only are they perfect for nights in watching movies, but she can also don them during her lazy days cooking breakfast and reading a book. Why not make her a little pamper pack? Gift wrap some fluffy slippers, a silk sleeping mask and cute PJs.

It may be hot but a throw is always appreciated.
It may be hot but a throw is always appreciated.

For the male homebodies in your life, pick up a book from the must-read summer reading list, including this year’s award-winning Jack Reacher thriller novel. If you’re wanting something outside of the box, then opt for a hammock he can hang outside to catch those summer breezes and some z’s! It doesn’t get much more Zzzen than that. 

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