Our tips for settling in and making your new townhome your own through clever use of space, colour and design.

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02 May 2018

The wonderful thing about moving into a brand-new townhome is having a blank canvas on which to create your dream living space – a place you’ll always want to come home to. 

By employing just a few clever tips and tricks – choosing your furnishings, colour schemes and storage solutions carefully – you can personalize it to your tastes and tailor it to suit your lifestyle.

Choosing Your Colour Scheme

Choosing your colour scheme is one of the single most important aspects of the design process as it really sets the mood. 

Given you have the blank canvas, think of colour in your home as your creative palette to play with. Whether your tastes run to a beachy, relaxed vibe or moody 1920s glamour, the right colour scheme will bring your dream to life. 

“Colour schemes that satisfy your brief and your own personal tastes and feelings that work together in your environment and geographical location are more important than working with hard and fast trends. Trends come and go but if it works for you, that’s what matters,” says interiors expert Darren Palmer from Channel Nine’s The Block. 

According to Palmer, the number one thing every home needs is ‘soul and life’. “A beautiful art gallery space is one thing, but a beautiful, soul-filled homey space is what really makes you happy to live in it.” 


Give yourself space

No matter how big your home is, we all want to get the most bang for our buck when it comes to space. Having more space is not only practical, it’s also more visually appealing to the eye, creating a restful and relaxing environment. 

There are many easy ways to create more space inside and outside your home, through use of effective design, lighting, shelving and storage. We’ve outlined our top 5 tips below;

1. Off the Wall- Don’t place furniture flush with the walls. Even adding a few centimetres between the wall and your furniture pieces can create the illusion of more space.

2. Snug as a Bug- Choose a striped rug, with the stripes running parallel to the longest side of the room, to create length. Thick stripes running vertically up a feature wall can give the same effect.

3. In perfect harmony- Be subtle with your pattern choices, you want to achieve balance. So rather than going for a feature pattern, make sure everything harmonises. You don’t need a ‘hero’, just a collection of ‘sidekicks’.

4. Onward and Upward- A vertical garden is a modern way to have a fully established garden without taking up too much space. This is also a great way to get edible plants in your backyard and some beautiful climbing vines, like jasmine.

5. Illusionists- Glass desks, large mirrors, open shelving, transparent plastic chairs – styling your room with see-through or reflective items will limit clutter. Try placing a large mirror on a wall facing a window; this will bounce light around the room and create the illusion of a second window on the opposing wall. 

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