Don’t let worries about moving house hold you back from buying your dream home. Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. We show you how much easier it can be with a few simple strategies.

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02 May 2018

When you’ve finally found your dream home all you really want to do is settle in and enjoy it. Moving day is your last big hurdle before you can make that happen. 

While moving house can be stressful, it doesn’t have to be. Put some strategies in place to avoid common pitfalls and have a happier moving day.  

Plan ahead

The key to a successful move is really all about planning ahead and organising yourself in advance. From booking a reliable removalist and cleaners to getting boxes, changing your utility providers, decluttering and packing, there’s a lot to think about. The sooner you get started the easier it will be! When purchasing ‘off-the-plan’, we’ll send you progress updates throughout the construction journey so you will have plenty of time to prepare. 

Have a check list

From a month or more in ahead to the day before, it’ll help simplify your move if you have an action plan mapped out by time frame.  

Four to six weeks in advance you’ll want to be thinking about things such as booking your removalist and organising a garage sale to get rid of excess clutter. Make a list of persons or companies you need to notify of your upcoming change of address. Consider using a change of address notification service or a mail redirection service. 

Two weeks before your move you can start thinking about things such as defrosting the freezer. You’ll want to dismantle anything bulky you can in advance, and make arrangements for your pets or child care for moving day if need be. 

It’s all in the details

Little things can really save hassle and headache on moving day. For example, have your bedding easily accessible so that you can unpack that first once you’re in. Packing a selection of non-perishable snacks for everyone to eat during the day can really help keep irritation at bay, as well as avoiding unnecessary interruptions. Also, be sure to put aside things you may need during the move (medications, children’s favourite toys, pet requirements, kitchen essentials). Keep these things with you on move day. Even something as simple as being sure to have an early night the night before will make a huge difference to your comfort and sanity.  

Moving children and pets

Moving the little people and furry friends can be the hardest part of a move if not managed properly. It pays to think about some strategies in advance that will make it easier for them – and you. For example, think about how to keep the kids amused on moving day – consider a new colouring book and pencils, or bringing the smartphone or tablet along for entertainment. 

Pets need to adjust to a new location too, so make sure they have somewhere safe to be. Have pet food available at both addresses on moving day. Remember to register your pet at their new address and talk to your vet for other hints and tips. 

Tip: Leave a welcoming note at the home you’re leaving. It will make the new arrivals feel good and you can include a forwarding address in the note. 

While moving day is never anyone’s favourite part of acquiring a new home, it’s worth looking forward to as the start of your new life. Don’t let worries about moving hold you back from buying your dream home. Plan ahead and it can be smooth sailing!

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