Stockland’s proven ability to build thoughtful and accessible communities was the attraction for Anthony Campanale and his wife Stephanie, who have built an award-winning home in Elara.

17 November 2020

Anthony, a Design Manager for Masterton Homes, understood more than most the value in buying land and building a dream home. Unwilling to compromise, Anthony designed and customised his home to meet the needs and lifestyle of his young family. Anthony’s Hamptons-style house was awarded an 2020 Excellence in Housing in the custom design category by Master Builders Association of NSW, proving project homes can be one of architectural design and workmanship. Click here to read the full story. 

After a simple build process with Stockland, the Campanale family are excited to make the most of their new community. 

Why did you choose to purchase in Stockland? What attracted you to the Elara community?
Being in the project home industry I have explored multiple community developments across Sydney. I have also been impressed by Stockland’s ability to develop well thought-out integrated communities with access to full amenities and infrastructure such as schools, parklands and shopping centres. 

This is also what attracted us to Elara. We decided to build in Elara because it was close to the booming Sydney Business Park, with key brands like Costco, Ikea and Starbucks close by. The tree lined streets and surrounding parklands was also incredibly inviting and suited our family’s active lifestyle. But most importantly, we wanted our son to access an innovative and cutting edge learning environment which we found located within the estate, at St. Luke's Catholic College. Elara was ultimately a community where we could see our family grow in.

How did you find the process of buying and building a new home with Stockland?
The process of buying and building at Stockland is extremely simple and smooth. Stockland has a variety of packages and lots available to suit all different types of buyers. For us we were thrilled to purchase a corner lot, I have also loved the orientation and open feel of the corner. 

The service from Stockland was great, the staff were very friendly and accessible. They were always quick to respond whenever I needed information but we also received regular updates via emails and newsletters. 

The build itself was timely and took approximately a year to complete which is to be expected for a good custom inclusion home.

What motivated you to build a new home rather than buying an existing property?
From my experience, building a new home over buying an existing home has more often than not been a more valuable option. For us the opportunity to not compromise by designing and building a brand new home customised to our way of living, in an appealing community was incomparable. 

Your home won an excellence in housing awards award, can you tell us a little bit more about your build?
Yes, our build was awarded 2020 Excellence in Housing in the custom design category by Master Builders Association of NSW. There is always more pressure when designing your own home as it an opportunity to showcase who you are as a family, so it was extra special to be recognised for our build.

My wife, Stephanie is American, so we were inspired by the Hampton style. Our home features timber panel cladding, hardwood floors, skylights, a fireplace, window seats,  kitchen with marble benchtops, butler's pantry and SMEG appliances. The judges were impressed by the display of architectural design, workmanship and finishes in our home, stating our build was not “an average project home”. Our house is evidence that buyers, looking to build like us, can truly build a home in which every detail can be tailored to them.

Now that you have moved in what do you enjoy most about the Elara community?
Definitely the accessibility of the community. My eight year old son, Christopher is moving to St Luke’s so will now be able to walk to school so the daily carpool will be no more. My wife is also working at St Luke’s which is very convenient. Also, the whole family including our cavoodle is loving the parklands and walking trails throughout the estate. The ability to live, work and play all in one place has been in some ways life changing, we look forward to continuing to grow as a family in the Elara community.

Would you recommend buying and building a home with Stockland to others?
Yes for sure. Stockland is a well known and respected company that has experience in delivering all in one communities. If you want to design your dream home in a community that has infrastructure ready to go and ongoing de