Sustainability has always been a key focus for Stockland, which is why we have been recognised by the Green Building Council of Australia, for achieving the highest 6-star, Green Star Communities rating, reaching a ‘world leadership’ standard.

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06 October 2022

Aura is leading the way in sustainability, so over the coming months, we will be talking with Senior Environment and Community Development Manager Mark Stephens, to discuss the various practices and initiatives being implemented by our City Of Colour community.

In this article, we will discuss the main drivers behind Aura’s focus on sustainability, and ask Mark about a community question we are commonly asked… Why do all the homes at Aura have light coloured roofs?


Mark, can you tell us why sustainability is a key focus at Aura?

Stockland has a strong philosophy to deliver sustainable communities and Aura is leading the way.

We believe there is a better way to live and sustainability is a fundamental part of that belief. We knew we had to approach Aura differently as a master planned community as it sits within one of the most sensitive receiving environments with the internationally protected Pumicestone Passage located only a few kilometres downstream from the site. Aura has adopted best practice construction and water sensitive urban design measures ensuring water quality discharge is to the highest standards.


Why do all the homes in Aura have light roofs?

Sustainability at Aura extends to all facets including promoting healthy lifestyles through the 200 kilometres of dedicated bike paths, cycle velloways and trail networks. It also extents to our community’s homes, where we have a focus on energy efficiency and climate resilience with Aura’s cool roof policy leading the way.

This ‘cool roof’ policy requires roof colours to meet specific solar absorbency standards. Light coloured roofs do a great job at reflecting heat, making the homes cooler and more energy efficient.  This results in less heating and cooling requirements which also has the added benefit of reducing energy bills for residents.

With heat being reflected away, the entire community then becomes a cooler community, increasing comfort levels for residents walking or riding through the numerous parks and streetscapes.  

Cool hey!


What are some other ways people can create a more sustainable home at Aura?

There are many ways people can create more sustainable homes. Choosing energy efficient and water efficient appliances are a good start and can make a huge difference. Solar panels are an obvious benefit and the costs of these are becoming increasingly more affordable. Other initiatives residents can think about is how they live in their homes looking at waste minimisation, recycling and even composting.


Who can residents talk to about sustainability practices in Aura? 

The best resource available is our residents welcome pack which includes great information about the surrounding environment plus tips on how to live more sustainably including water and energy efficiency. This is on Aura’s website Downloadable Resources | Aura | Stockland.