After you've chosen the ideal location for your future home (Newport, of course!) the next step is to determine what your home will look like, and which block you’ll need to purchase.

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31 January 2024

Size isn't everything, especially in our vibrant Queensland communities. With the median lot size in QLD's new developments at 421m2 (UDIA, 2023), we believe in the beauty of thoughtful designs. Our top builders bring forth a range of creative layouts that make the most out of various lot configurations. Aside from what your budget allows, it’s often helpful to investigate what you can do with each block size.

Navigating the intricacies of selecting the right lot for your dream home involves more than just envisioning its size or style. Here at Stockland Newport, we understand that purchasing a specific lot is a significant decision, and a thoughtful approach is essential to avoid compromises down the road.

Consider the following elements when deciding on a block.

How long do you want your driveway to be?
Each floor plan varies, and there exists a minimum distance, known as a “setback,” between your garage and the front boundary. Factors such as lot size, garage placement, the presence of a footpath, and collaboration with local councils can impact this setback. It’s crucial to understand that your boundary differs from the street kerb and includes elements like footpaths and crossovers.

How large do you want your backyard to be?

While a typical block depth ranges from 25 to 30 meters, visualising your home plan on the lot helps determine the actual yard space available. Strategic placement of your home on the lot can maximize backyard space for recreation and entertainment. Consider unconventional lot shapes or irregularities, as they can offer more space without the added cost of additional land.

How large are you planning to build your home?

If your priority is a larger home, inquire about Site Coverage – the percentage of the home's size concerning the overall block size. Site Coverage calculations include parts of the home enclosed by three or more walls, such as garages but exclude typical alfresco areas (enclosed on two sides). Developers may secure extra flexibility on this percentage, so it's essential to be mindful of community-specific considerations.

How much practical space do you want to have in your home?

Make informed decisions about the energy use in your home by choosing spaces based on actual needs and usage patterns. Optimise less frequently used spaces by doubling them up for increased functionality and efficiency. Consider smart design choices like adding extra doorways for improved accessibility and creating multi-functional spaces.

We’ve put together a number of house and land packages from leading QLD builders that you can browse here for inspiration. With everyone’s household functioning differently, why not browse our lots only and collaborate with a builder to create something that works perfectly for you.


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