We were lucky enough to hear from our residents about why they love life at Orion. Learn more below.

3 min
05 November 2022

Residents at Orion are ecstatic about living at Orion, but don’t just take our word for it - hear from the happy home-owners themselves.

“I enjoy the natural scenery and a strong sense of community at Orion. The local parks and natural reserves are excellent for exercising and meeting new people in the neighbourhood.” - Amy

“I love the neighbourhood as well as the neighbours. Everyone is very friendly.” - Jaswant

“Orion is so conveniently located.  Near two train stations and so close to various shopping areas. Having walking tracks nearby is also great. And it's only a 20 min drive to the city.” - Ismail

“Living here is like a part of a family community, the neighbours keep an eye out for each other and so supportive and very helpful makes you feel welcome, safe and very peaceful.” - Hien

“Living at Orion offers such beautiful and diverse life style. It's so close to everything. We dined at local restaurants that offer many favours, like Ms Ha. Grocery shopping is cheap and plenty close by. The area near my home is so clean and pristine. Our routine is walking the cats every day and we enjoyed the water fountain.” - Nguyen

“Orion has a real community feel. We know a lot of neighbours and we all look out for each other. I also love it’s proximity to everything.” - Tom

“There are many parks and outdoor areas where we can connect with nature and others in the community. There is a strong sense of community - there's always a warm greeting when walking past someone.” - Linda

As you can see, life at Orion is connected, convenient and what you’ve been waiting for. To learn about how you can start your new life at Orion, call 13 51 63 or email