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Liveability at Cloverton

How Cloverton creates Liveability

At Stockland, we know it takes a lot more than bricks and mortar to create connected, liveable and happy communities. The voice of our residents plays an important role as we continuously work towards curating inspiring places that offer a better way to live. ​

Our annual Liveability Survey measures what matters to our residents, so we can design our communities around what’s important. It invites feedback on all aspects of the community - from quality of built and natural environments, to how its design supports mental and physical wellbeing. ​

Earlier this year, Cloverton residents were invited to complete our 2023 Liveability Survey. The results have helped us understand the things our residents love, plus any areas we can improve on.​

We know we aren't perfect, but we're working on it! Here are a few things we're implementing to enhance the Cloverton's lifestyle and community.​


Here’s what we’re doing to make Cloverton even better^

Road Construction

We understand the importance of key road infrastructure in meeting the growing needs of the community and are committed to working proactively and constructively with relevant authorities on a number of projects, including the Mitchell Street slip lane, which opened in late 2023. We are also working on the Cloverton Blvd Bridge, which will be the second entrance to the community, as well as a third dedicated entry on to the Hume Fwy, via the Gunns Gully Interchange.

In addition, Stockland is also working on several road projects within the community to improve connectivity for all residents.

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Growing with the Community

We understand that Cloverton needs to grow as the community does. In late 2023, the doors opened on the Kallo Town Centre, Cloverton’s first shopping centre located on Toyon Road. Delivered by Oreana Group, this vital piece of community amenity means that residents no longer have to leave Cloverton for life's essentials. The town centre will continue to grow as the community does, expanding on the Woolworths, Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse, and Nanak Indian Grocery which are already open.

In addition, Stockland is also working on several other key amenity items within the community to deliver on our promises. 

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Community Consultation

In 2023 we engaged an external, independent company to design and run a community consultation process that would help shape the design of our open spaces. 

As a result of this process, we are currently finalising plans for the Stage 361 park and the Kalkallo North Sports Reserve, and we look forward to sharing the designs with the community. 

Creating options for Education

In July 2023, Cloverton’s second school, Hume Anglican Grammar (Kalkallo Primary Campus) open its doors for the first time. Once fully constructed, the campus of six buildings will include more than 120 classrooms and a multipurpose hall for school events, assemblies, indoor physical education and other large gatherings. 

The Kalkallo North Community Centre opened its doors in November 2023, and work continues on the Lockerbie Central (interim name) Primary School, which is anticipated to open in time for term 1, 2024.


Calendar of community events

Stockland is committed to delivering a calendar of regular events that encourage residents to get to know their neighbours. 

Stockland will host a variety of events and initiatives throughout the year to celebrate the diverse cultures living within the community. 

The Stockland Liveability Index Survey contains views and opinions expressed by customers of Stockland. The views, opinions and commentary of such individuals may not represent the views, opinions and commentary of all customers of Stockland. Stockland does not accept any liability for loss or damage arising as a result of any reliance on the views, opinions and commentary of such individuals.

^Any future infrastructure or amenity is proposed for Stockland Cloverton at 22.11.23 Indicative only. Subject to change.