Stockland is designing a new playspace in the Kalkallo North Reserve. The first step of this project is to understand what the community would like to see included in this new playspace. The new playspace will be located within the Kalkallo North Recreation Reserve on the corner of Antares Parade and Maximova Avenue.

3 min
08 May 2023

In line with Hume City Council requirements, this new playspace has been categorised as a Neighbourhood Park. 

A Neighbourhood Park is usually small, easily accessible within walking distance and can cater for near-by local residents. These types of parks can include basic infrastructure such as seating, shade, plantings and pathways and sometimes they can also include playspaces. 

Council makes decisions about how parks should be categorised based on a range of factors like:
 the size and nature of a space;
 what other facilities and parks are near-by; and 
 the capacity for an area to absorb visitors (for example: the more visitors a park will get from outside the immediate area the more planning is required around traffic, parking and facilities).

Stages of the project
The development of this new playspace involves a range of stages, with the whole project taking approximately 2 to 3 years.  

 Stage 1: Community feedback and ideas – 8th May- 4th June 2023
 Stage 2: Develop draft concept designs for the playspace – June 2023
 Stage 3: Community feedback on the draft concept designs -10-16 July 2023
 Stage 4: Feedback and concept plan approval from Hume City Council – Late July-Early August 2023
 Stage 5: Detailed design approval from Hume City Council – Late 2023
 Stage 6: Construction of the playspace – Early 2024
 Stage 7: Completion of the playspace – Early 2025

Get involved and have your say
Stockland has engaged an external independent company to design and run the engagement and get out on the ground to talk to as many residents as possible. 

This company, called ChatterBox Projects, will gather all the feedback and develop an independent report for Stockland to use to inform the draft concept designs for the playspace. 

These draft concept designs will them come back out to the community for further feedback. 

To get involved and provide your ideas:
• Fill in an online survey available here.
• Come along to a pop-up event at:
o The Mother’s Day event at the Cloverton Estate Display Village on Saturday 13th May from 1pm 3pm at the Dwyer St Café (Cnr Dwyer St and Design Way, Kalkallo, 3064)
o The Hume Community Market at the Gilgai Plains Primary School on Saturday 27 May between 10am and 3pm

ChatterBox Projects is also running 2 school workshops with students from Gilgai Primary!