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Discover our townhomes

There's so much to love about Stockland Highlands' brand-new townhomes.

Find the perfect balance between the space and freedom of a standalone home, and the low-maintenance and prime location of a townhome in a Stockland masterplanned community. When you move into a brand-new, turnkey townhome, you'll discover all the benefits of an easier way to live. 

Explore all the perks of townhome living


A turnkey solution

When you buy a townhome, everything in the package is considered - which means flooring, driveway, landscaping and fencing are all included. So, as soon as it's built, all you have to do is turn the key and move straight in.


Perfectly positioned

When you live in a townhome within a Stockland community, you’ll be in the thick of it. Townhomes are typically centrally located and planned with purpose to ensure you’re living near shops, parks and transport.

Two individuals jogging on a park path, surrounded by lush greenery and trees.

Value-driven price point

A townhome can be a great way for first home buyers to enter the property market. Since they’re typically built on compact lots, the entry price tends to be less than traditional freestanding homes – making this a smart way to own your home sooner. 


Say hello to low-maintenance living

Why spend your weekend mowing the lawn? Townhomes are designed to be lower maintenance than a traditional home and often require little to no gardening – meaning you’ll have less upkeep and more time for the things that matter.


Lock up and leave

A townhome brings the best of both worlds: the privacy of your own home, with the freedom to travel and explore – knowing you won’t come home to an overgrown garden in desperate need of maintenance. It’s the perfect option for buyers seeking an easier lifestyle, both at home and away. Plus, your neighbours are close-by to watch over your home.


Turn your townhome into a future property investment

Townhomes can grow with you. Turn your first home into a future property investment. These versatile properties offer a blend of affordability, convenience, and potential for strong returns.

Find a townhome to suit your lifestyle at Stockland Highlands

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