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Sustainability at Mt. Atkinson

A better way to live at Mt. Atkinson

Mt Atkinson is just one of Stockland’s communities striving to set the standard for sustainable living. It has been designed with nature in mind, creating an idyllic environment that blends into the surrounding landscape.

Solar Panels

Installing solar panels to assist with power usage can provide ongoing savings and alleviate cost of living pressures. By reducing your electricity bills, you can recoup the costs of a solar PV system over time and free up your income to spend on things that enhance your lifestyle. Solar panels also generate renewable, clean energy that is better for the environment.

At Stockland Mt. Atkinson, we lead by example with 27 solar panels adorning the roof of our Sales and Information Centre. These panels effectively cover most of our running costs, showcasing the benefits of renewable energy.

Reconophalt (Recycled road materials)

DEFINITION: Reconophalt is a form of sustainable asphalt that contains high recycled content from waste including soft plastics, glass and toner which would otherwise end up in landfill.


It is a ground breaking product for Australia, and  Mt. Atkinson is lucky enough to be the first development within the municipality to be trailing the product. Within our second Display Village we have used reconophalt, and providing it pasts all the tests, it could be the standard product we use throughout the remainder of the community. Expect a greener road ahead!

Display Village 2 initiatives

Mt. Atkinson's second Display Village, we are redefining modern living with a sustainable twist. Nestled off Clara Avenue, Hopkins Road, and Grand Boulevard, our exclusive collection of homes offers more than just a place to live—it's a lifestyle. Our Sustainable Homes will be Minimum 7 Star NatHERs rating and more.

An outdoor playground featuring a slide and various play structures.

Repurposing onsite rocks

Large rocks are often discovered during excavation works where networks of pipes are installed deep underground. More often than not, these rocks will be crushed &/or disposed of which which adds to our carbon footprint. To reduce our impact on the environment the Mt Atkinson team have repurposed over 1,000 rocks by including them in climbable formations within some of our upcoming parks.

Recycling pipes

These large pipes are installed underground during the early phases of stage construction. Sometimes when we receive these pipes they can have cracks in them which can occur at any point during production or transport. Any pipes that do have cracks in them will not be approved by the authorities (due to their large size) so our team have come up with a creative way to recycle them. In some of our upcoming parks you will notice tunnels for kids to explore and play – this second life has saved the pipes from ending up in landfill.

A serene pond with a bridge over a flowing river, creating a picturesque scene of tranquility and natural beauty.

Passive Irrigation

Passive Irrigation Gardens have been incorporated in streetscapes and landscaping throughout Mt Atkinson. These large garden beds act as filters to collect stormwater pollution. Using specially selected plants and different layers of soil, these beds soak up and filter stormwater to maintain the water quality before it then enters the ‘end of line’ water treatment systems.

Two individuals jogging on a park path, surrounded by lush greenery and trees.

Health and Wellness

Did you know we have 7km worth of walking & cycling trails throughout the community? With parks, playgrounds and sporting fields accounting for 50 hectares of our community, these trails make it a breeze to enjoy them all. 

An aerial view of a park featuring a circular sculpture as its centerpiece.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Strategy

Our strategy is focused on innovation, scale and economically sustainable solutions.