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Sienna Wood's Land Release Process

How to participate in Sienna Wood land releases

Sienna Wood's process for participating in land releases

Please read the following step-by-step instructions on how to participate in a Stockland land release.

Land Release Process

Step 1 - Enquire with Stockland

To receive information about new land releases and be eligible to secure an appointment for purchase, you need to sign up to our database via the Contact Us page and speak to a Stockland Sales Professional to help us understand what you are looking for.


Step 2 - Review the land release details

Prior to the release, you will receive an email from containing the details of the release (pricelist, release brochure and terms & conditions). Review these details carefully and make note of your preferred lot numbers.

At this point you should reach out to a Sales Professional to discuss your preferences or questions.

Step 3 - Reminder email

Where the land release details have been shared well ahead of the release date, you will receive a reminder email on the day before the land release from Stockland Residential.

Make contact with a Sales Professional to secure your lot, if you haven't already.

Step 4 - On the day of the release

At 10am AWST on the day of the release, click the button in the “Reminder” email. This will take you to a webpage where you can submit your Expression of interest form.

Step 5 - Complete the registration form

Complete all details on the Expression of Interest form. If you are successful in registering your interest you will receive a confirmation email from Stockland Residential. Please note: A successful registration does not guarantee you a lot or a sales call to purchase land. If you are unsuccessful in registering your interest for this release, you will have the option to join the waitlist for the next release.

Step 6 - Hear from our sales team

On the day of the release, the sales team will call customers (between 11am and 5pm AWST) who have successfully registered their interest, until all lots have been sold. Please ensure you’re contactable within this time. You will be called twice and if you are uncontactable both times you will lose your opportunity to participate in this land release.

Lucy Wikstrom
Sales Professional
Weatherly Way ( off Forrest Rd, next to Shipweck Park ) ,
Hilbert WA 6112
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