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Liveability at Sienna Wood

At Sienna Wood, we know it takes a lot more than bricks and mortar to create a liveable, connected community. Our annual Liveability Index Survey measures what matters to our residents, so we can design our communities around what’s important.

Each year, Sienna Wood residents are invited to complete our Liveability Survey. The Liveability Index Survey invites feedback on all aspects of the community - from quality of built and natural environments, to how it's design supports mental and physical wellbeing. The results help us understand the things our residents love, plus any areas we can improve on. 

Here's what we're doing to improve^

Couple shopping for fruit in the grocery store

Access to local amenities

We're providing greater access to local shops, cafes, and amenities with the future Town Centre at Sienna Wood. Our Development Application for Stage 1 has been approved, including a supermarket, speciality shops, and food and dining offerings. 

The Town Centre will also include a future childcare centre, providing ease of access to quality childcare within the community. Located along Weatherly Way, the future Town Centre will be accessible to many residents in our Hillside Village by foot, reducing the need to jump in the car for everyday necessities. 

Safety and security

Ensuring residents feel safe and secure in Sienna Wood is one of our top priorities.

We've installed a number of security cameras throughout the community - these are solar surveillance cameras, which allow for a livestream view of footage.

We also run security patrols on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, from 6-10pm. These patrols take place at Explorer Park and Shipwreck Park, in and around the area. 

As our community grows, we are reviewing these measures to support a feeling of security for our residents. 

Sustainability practices

We often make mention of our 39% open space, a significant portion of which is dedicated to creating a sanctuary where our native flora and fauna can flourish.

This winter we'll be completing the rehabilitation of our 13.34ha conservation wetland area, and at this time we'll also be completing our Neerigen Brook rehabilitation. Beyond that, we'll move our sights to the Wungong Foreshore. 

You can explore the already rehabilitated spaces today by taking a wander on our network of trails throughout the community. 

^Any future infrastructure referenced is proposed for Stockland Sienna Wood as at April 2024. The delivery and location of proposed infrastructure, facilities, amenities, services and destinations is indicative only and may change due to future circumstances. 

This website is supplied for the purpose of providing an impression of Stockland Communities and the approximate location of existing and proposed third party infrastructure, facilities, amenities, services and destinations, and is not intended to be used for any other purpose. All details, images and statements are based on the intention of, and information available to, Stockland as at the time of publication (May 2024) and may change due to future circumstances. This website is not legally binding on Stockland. Stockland does not give any warranty in relation to any information contained in this website. Stockland does not accept any liability for loss or damage arising as a result of any reliance on this website or its contents. All distance and travel timeframe references are estimates only, refer to distance by car or driving time (unless specified otherwise), and are based on information obtained from Google Maps at the time of publication (May 2024).