Ready to impress? While Sienna Wood and it's neighbouring suburbs can be enjoyed solo, why not share the love? Whether you're dipping your toes into a first date, making weekly date night plans, or planning a cute day out with friends - these 5 oh-so-clever (and definitely not dull) ideas will show your date you've got a few tricks up your sleeve.

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22 November 2023

With 72% of our buyers in the last year being couples, we know a thing or two about romance. At least we like to think so. If you're a couple that's set a weekly date night plan but run out of ideas - you've come to the right place. And for all the singles out there (we're looking at all 19% of you) - fret not. A first date isn't so daunting in the right setting. Even if it's just a friendship hang-out - whatever you're in the mood for, we've got your next date sorted. 

1. Eat (or drink) your heart out 

The best way to a person's heart is through their stomach. Perfect for a casual meet-up or first date location, Mooba Café is just along Weatherly Way, giving you extra time to spruce up (and practice your small talk questions). Get to know your date over a warm cuppa or cold brew - we're sure they won't judge your preference. Take it up a notch and share something from their selection of baked goods to end the date on a sweet note. 

If dinner is on the cards, Haynes Bar & Grill is just 5 minutes down the road, perfect for a classic pub grub meal. Engage in casual conversation (while your date keeps one eye on the footy score). If you're really trying to impress, swap pub grub and sports for a quieter setting and fine dining menu at Dalton's Restaurant, conveniently located inside Haynes Bar & Grill. We've heard there's some mouth-watering desserts on the menu - perfect for sharing. 

2. Enjoy the great outdoors at Araluen Botanic Park

Maybe you're both nature enthusiasts. Or just friends long overdue for a walk and talk catch-up. And what better setting than Araluen Botanic Park? Stroll along the paths throughout the park and get lost (in each other's eyes). Stop by the Pool of Reflection or Old Swimming Pool for some gorgeous water views, and enjoy the tranquil sound of the waterfalls - just try your best not to fall asleep. With plenty of grassed areas on offer, lay out a picnic rug and enjoy the landscape as you and your date get chatting. If you forgot to bring along a picnic, coffee and treat vans might be nearby to curb your cravings. And, with summer now in full swing, enjoy the sunflower display and remember your day together with a cute pic or two. 

3. Get competitive at The Kart Centre  

Who doesn't love a bit of friendly competition? If you and your date are always trying to one-up each other, Kart Centre might just be the place to settle the score once and for all. Kart Centre's circuits cater for all skill and speed levels, reaching up to 50km/h - let's just hope it's an even playing field. And if you're out on a group date, the centre offers double karts to fit two people. Split the group in half (and may the best couple win). 

Kart Centre is also home to The Axe Centre, Perth's first interactive axe throwing experience. Warning: we recommend a minimum of 3 dates before visiting the Axe Centre - you don't want to scare them off by unleashing all of that anger. But, maybe they'll be impressed by your strength. You decide. 

 4. Visit some (not so cuddly) animals 

Visiting an animal farm is so overrated. Horses, rabbits and guinea pigs? No thanks. If you really want to impress your date, take them to the Armadale Reptile & Wildlife Centre. Just watch out for snakes (we're talking about the reptiles, not your date). With 70 different species on display, hide your fear as you and your date check out the enclosures full of snakes, lizards and more. And don't worry, there's some cute Aussie natives in the mix to check out too - kangaroos, dingoes, and wombats (to name a few). End the date with a packed meal in one of their picnic areas, or grab an ice cream on your way out. 

 5. Design your dream home at IKEA

Ok, this one might not be the best choice for a first date. You don't want to give them the idea you're ready to move in after knowing them all of 5 minutes. But, for those after a fun, indoorsy activity, this one's for you. Who would want to spend the day strolling through the usual shops when IKEA's on the cards? With IKEA's newest store set to open in Cannington 2024, mark this one ahead on your date calendar.

Explore the showrooms and choose what styles you'd want in your own home. Or, test out the couches and chairs for the perfect level of comfort. Play hide and seek amongst the rooms and do your best to blend into the rest of the crowd. Swedish meatballs from their iconic food hall anyone? You might want to grab some from the food shop at the end - if you don't get lost in the maze of rooms first. But hey, at least you know your date will last a good few hours.

While Sienna Wood and the surrounding suburbs are great for a date, they're also great everyday. With cafes and restaurants, entertainment, open spaces and more, you'll always have something to see and do (and the perfect excuse for that second date).

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