Great interior design involves an idea - not just things. Like creating the ultimate space for your kids to grow up in. Or, curating an alfresco entertainment area that'll have your friends wanting to come back for dinner week after week.

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23 August 2023

When it comes to interior design, it's your chance to shout your style from the rooftops (or at least your walls). Use different elements and techniques - like furniture or architecture - to construct, shape and manipulate your space. While there are no hard and fast rules (though a few tricks can work wonders), every choice you make can help transform a basic room into a captivating space. And always consider your end goal - are you creating a comfy retreat or prioritising practicality? Once you've got that clear purpose, these top interior design tips will help you bring that vision to life in exciting ways. 

Find your focal points: 

Think those attention grabbing pieces that give a room its personality. Windows that let the sun in or cosy fireplaces - these are the statement pieces that create a mood and make places more habitable. Arranging decorative objects can also help you complete the look of a room. Imagine a pyramid - tallest item in the middle, heavy objects on the bottom, and smaller pieces around them. It's like styling your bedside table with books - the perfect balance.

interior design kitchen focal points

Artist's impression. Subject to change.

Proportion control: 

Picture this: you've got an enormous king-sized bed squashed into a small room like it's trying to break free - talk about throwing out the balance of a space. When designing, always keep the scale and proportion of objects front of mind. Don't be afraid to have fun with it too - play around with scale and proportion to create optical tricks for your room. Want the illusion of more height? Add some tall, slim bookcases in the room and watch your ceiling seemingly grow taller. 

Create a colourful canvas: 

A room's identity comes alive with contrast and colour. By playing with opposites (think hard and soft, black and white, light and shade), you're not just decorating - you're helping to establish feeling and mood. Want to abandon white wall syndrome for good? Why not try a striking feature wall? For a cosy feel - dive into the world of deep blues. Or, for a bold and daring vibe - try out magenta, Pantone's Colour of The Year 2023

 If you're feeling extra creative, try weaving a standout floral colour throughout the whole space to create an effortless flow from room to room. Start strong with a signature piece - like a quirky rug or captivating artwork - to set your room's tone.

interior design kitchen colour

Artist's impression. Subject to change. 

Let there be light: 

Like contrast and colour, lighting can have a similar effect. In your study, the right lighting can crank up your focus levels. Or, the right glow in your living room can turn up comfort and relaxation in the evening. Bottom line? There are plenty of lighting options for each room in your house. 

Find your inspiration: 

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