New home builders and buyers can feel overwhelmed and hesitant to start the process when it comes to securing the right option, whether it's buying a pre-established home, an off-the plan build, or a house and package.

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06 November 2020

Stockland’s WA General Manager, Col Dutton, says: “It’s common for people to struggle with the first steps in purchasing a new home. It’s important to have an understanding of the building and buying process, and to decide what is or isn’t a compromise for you personally before commencing so you don’t settle for less. It’s especially key now with the availability of Government grants and taking into consideration the impact the pandemic has had on our expectations of home and neighbourhood.


“Here are five key factors to consider in today’s market,” said Mr Dutton.

Utilising Government Grants

Firstly, if you’re looking to utilise the Federal and State Government building grants to help get you into a new home sooner; “It’s important to do your research, know the deadlines and understand what currently eligibility requirements you personally meet for the various builder bonus grants. At present, there’s up to $55,000^ in Government Grants available with a variety of Stockland’s property options meeting eligibility criteria for either one or both grants including off-the-plan homes at Treeby and Glendalough.”


Choosing the Right Builder

Mr Dutton explained how choosing the right builder and the right property company is one of the most important decisions and doing your research will pay dividends. "You should be able to fully trust and rely on both your land Sales Professional and your builder during the purchase and build process," expressed Mr Dutton. 

“Decisions that may seem less important such as the orientation of your home and where your roof solar panels sit in conjunction with the sun, will actually have a huge effect on your energy bills for years to come. A good team will lookout for these things and provide expert guidance.”

Choosing the Right Block

Another key factor is choosing the right block for your new home that meets your lifestyle needs now and into the future. "Our recent study revealed that since the pandemic, 62% of prospective buyers are more likely to consider space-related features such as indoor/outdoor living arrangements. If you have to expect to have children in the future, plan for a large enough backyard for living." 


Choosing the Right Home Design

Mr Dutton expressed that choosing the right home design should be one of the most enjoyable parts of the whole process. "Visit display homes around Perth and be inspired by the many home design and styles on offer. Imagine how you might live in the space an take notes of things you like and dislike. I recommend checking out display homes in Vale Aveley, Whiteman Edge Brabham, and Calleya Treeby, for inspiration."

“If you’d rather let the professionals take care of the design elements for you, choose from our popular green title terrace home developments currently under construction, including the Terraces at Calleya and the recently released, inner western suburbs gem – Canopy in Glendalough. You can choose off-the-plan designs with a selection of different colour schemes.,” said Mr Dutton.

Choosing your Location

Finally, Mr Dutton said finding a location that will meet your future needs is crucial.

“Plan for your future by thoroughly researching any community you’re considering. Think about what you’ll want close at hand to meet your wants and needs; parks, schools, transport links, shops, cafes, community gardens and strong community links to friends and family,” explained Mr Dutton.

“Although the desire for space has increased this year, access to close social and community facilities is still prevalent. People want the benefit of walkability and connectivity within their local communities, with a home that offers the necessary space for functionality.”


Stockland has multiple developments across Perth; suited to every lifestyle. From a low-maintenance town-house in Calleya and inner-city living in the new Glendalough development – Canopy, to the coastal dream in Amberton Beach, a leafy retreat in Sienna Wood, Hilbert or live the Swan Valley lifestyle in vibrant Whiteman Edge, Brabham or Vale, Aveley.



^Not Stockland promotions. Eligibility and other restrictions apply. Purchasers may not be eligible to receive the total $55k in Government Grants – Amount calculated as $25,000 HomeBuilder + $20,000 WA New Home Construction Grant + $10,000 WA First Home Owner Duty Grant = $55K Total Possible Government Grants. Visit and for further information.