When we put so much heart and soul into our new home, it's only natural you'd want to have the peace of mind of protecting it. At Sienna Wood, there are a number of safety and security features that residents can enjoy for free or at a discounted cost - all you need is the right information (and a keen eye).

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13 November 2023

We know safety is important to our residents. To everyone really. That's why ensuring everyone feels safe and secure in Sienna Wood is right at the top of our list. And guess what? Our recent Sienna Wood Liveability Survey (Feb-March 2023) showed that 8 in 10* residents feel very safe in the community. But, as our little community continues to grow, we're making sure these methods are reviewed and fine-tuned to support a feeling of security for the everyone. 

Patrolling the parks   

Organised by Stockland, weekly security patrols take place throughout the community to ensure our residents feel safe after dark. Running on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, the patrols take place between 6-10pm. Shipwreck and Explorer Park are the main areas under watch, but the patrol team make sure to keep an eye on the surrounding areas too - so you can rest easy after the sun goes down. 

Meet (and rally) the neighbours

We all love the neighbour that takes your bins out when you forget bin day. They're a godsend when they let you know the sprinklers haven't worked in the middle of summer. So, why not make that extra bit of effort to get to know them properly? Maybe you'll catch them at a Stockland organised event. Or just pop next door and say hello. And, since you're all new to the area (and in the same boat), why not suggest the idea to create your own unofficial neighbourhood watch? If you need that extra little push - the City of Armadale contribute $100 to a meet-your-neighbour style event, with the purpose of bringing people together to promote community safety and reduce social isolation. You can find out more about their "Community Barbecue Rebate" here

Security Cameras. Tick. 

Speaking of the City of Armadale, if you're into tech, or just find online shopping therapeutic (and want to spy on the family dog - seriously what do they do all day?), why not install security cameras at home? With the City of Armadale, installing your own security devices means you could be eligible for $250 back as part of their "Security Incentive Scheme", which you can read more about here

But, if the idea of diving into a new security system isn't for you (or DIY isn't your strong suit) - don't worry. We've installed a number of security cameras around the community - these are solar surveillance cameras which allow a livestream view to check back on the data of events. So, wherever you are in Sienna Wood, we've got you covered. 

With our annual Liveability Survey, and your ongoing feedback, we're continuously working towards curating a community that offers a better way to live. Safety and security is one of our top priorities, and rest assured, will continue to be reviewed and improved as our community continues to grow in numbers and size. 

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