Say hello to convenient living with all the essentials at your doorstep - we're excited to announce a Development Application has been lodged for the proposed Sienna Wood town centre!

2 min
13 July 2023

The current Development Application with the planning authority covers Stage 1 of Sienna Wood's proposed town centre site. Stage 1, including space for a supermarket as well as approximately seventeen other tenancies, prioritises residents' access to convenient amenities and everyday essentials, food and dining. 


Works are currently underway to get the site prepared for the town centre's future construction. With earthworks already completed, our contractor is now carrying out both road and service works to the site. 

We will be working closely with the planning authorities to progress this application. Please note that delivery of the town centre is subject to planning approvals, commercial teams, as well as external infrastructure funding. 


Each day we're a step (or jump) closer to connected, convenient living at Sienna Wood! And we're just as excited as you are - with noticeable activity and changes on Weatherly Way every day. Want to see for yourself? Stop by Shipwreck Park with the little ones or get a coffee at Mooba Café while you're at it - and maybe pay a visit to our Sales and Information Centre right next door!


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