If you’ve been a little resistant to open shelving in your kitchen, then it’s time to change your tune.

3 min
01 March 2019

Yes, exposing the inner chaos of your kitchen cupboard might seem a little daunting, but we’re here to reassure you. When done correctly, open shelves in your kitchen can look incredibly chic and effective.

A quick Pinterest search will tell that open shelving in your kitchen is one of the biggest interior trends of the year and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. The look is modern, on-trend and exceptionally functional. And this seemingly polarising design choice has so many more positives than you think. But is it practical?


Open shelving is practical and has the wow factor

Increased Storage

You’d think that having tons of cabinets in your kitchen is the only way to achieve maximum storage, but you’re wrong. In reality, cabinets can be awkward and clunky and really only give us a reason to hoard excess junk before we swiftly close the door on the chaos. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Open shelves increase your storage and force you to be more thoughtful with your items. You can easily achieve a relaxed look by pairing down your products and simplifying the clutter. Try using glass jars to keep items off the bench, but still within easy reach. And if you consider yourself a bit of a chef, you might like to have your major cooking items close by, rather than shoved in the back of a cupboard somewhere. Stacking your baking trays and larger dishes can look really effective and works especially well for kitchens with more of a rustic feel. 


Daily Essentials

If you’re wondering how to make your open shelves look less like cluttered chaos and more like a scene from a fancy homewares store, the key is keeping it clean and simple. Some of the most common items you’d put on an open shelf include the things you reach for on a daily basis. Think coffee cups, plates, bowls and drinking glasses. Keeping these things on a shelf within easy reach, is not only convenient but visually effective, too.

To keep it looking cool and conservative, try and stick to a neutral colour palette that works well within your home. For instance, try to keep all your dinnerware the same colour or pattern to avoid your shelf looking messy and disjointed – an all white or light colour palette will help keep the space looking bright and more open. However, if you want to inject some colour and character, keep it to the one type of product (i.e. pastel pink coffee mugs or printed breakfast bowls). Clear glassware or crystal will always look effective no matter your colour palette, just make sure you present the glasses upside down to avoid dust build up. 


Decorative Moment

Open shelves can be a really beautiful design choice if they’re decorated with the right accents. And when it comes to dressing your shelves and injecting personality, the possibilities are endless. The key is to keep it a little bit functional and a little bit fun. For example, some great décor items might include recipe books, vases, photo frames, potted plants and herbs or scented candles.

Plus, it’s also a great opportunity to display some of your more treasured pieces like the beautiful antique vase that was handed down from your Nanna, a set of champagne flutes you were gifted on your wedding day or that special casserole dish you spent way too much money on. With an open-shelf system, now you can show those items off!

 So, when planning your new kitchen, why not change up the look and feel of your space with some open shelves instead? It’s time to purge those cabinets and get creative.