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House & land packages at Wildflower

Discover our house & land packages

Let our trusted builder partners do the heavy lifting for you. They've paired some of their most popular home designs with their perfect-fit blocks and already made sure they meet all the important requirements.

Create your dream home with a house and land package


Confirm your budget

Chat to your broker about what you can borrow and determine comfortable repayments. This will help you to narrow down your search for the right package, since you've already chosen Wildflower as your future home.


Consider your non-negotiables

Is a big yard for your (fur) kids essential when there's the playground across the road? Will the spare fourth bedroom double as your zoom room, or do you need a separate guest space for visiting in-laws?
Getting clear on what you do and don't need will help shorten the list of options and make them easier to tackle.

Determine your orientation and location

Wildflower is Piara Waters' perfect pocket, but you'll have a number of precincts to choose from.

Banksia Quarter for room to move, Everlasting Corner for easy low maintenance, or The Ramble to surround yourself in nature.

Considering the principles of Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui, or our favourite - solar passive design? Our team can help you find a lot facing your "right" way.


Ask a couple more questions

Love the plan but maybe not the block? Be clear with the builder on what you do and don't like in what they've put together, they might be able to adjust things or create a different package to bring your vision to life.

Let's start the search for your perfect package at Wildflower

Got some questions before you get started?

Frequently asked questions

Get in touch with our team and let them know which package you love. We'll take note of the lot and arrange contact with the builder partner who created it. We'll work closely together so you can finalise the design with them, and secure the lot with us.

If you're interested in a package but need to do your due diligence with your builder or bank before committing, our sales professionals can place a short hold on this lot for you to do so.

We recommend you move quickly in these situations as we may place additional holds behind you in case you don't proceed.

To secure a lot at Wildflower, you must pay a $5,000 deposit and provide a current letter of eligibility from a licensed broker or a valid preapproval from your bank.

When purchasing a package, you'll also pay a deposit to the builder for them to get started on your formal plans. Builder deposits may vary so chat with your builder for specifics in your situation.

Titled lots have had their certificate of title issued and are ready for you to settle and build on right away. You can drive past and even stand on them.

Where a title hasn't been issued, the lot is still under construction or waiting on approvals. We give our best prediction of when we expect titles and we're proud of our track record, but it's best to treat these dates as indicative.

We're Stockland WA's first all-electric community and we're determined to help our residents build more attractive, healthier, future-proofed homes that cost less to run.

Your package will already include the requirements to build here - light coloured roofs, electric cooking appliances, and a couple of electrical tweaks. They're really quite straight forward but chat to our team for the nitty gritty.

Considering just the block for now?

You can explore our land listings on their own.

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