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Stockland Offers at Wildflower

Discover our latest offers to help kick-start your home journey today

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Wildflower's Sustainable Home Reward helps you build better

Whether you're simply complying with our all-electric design essentials, or you're fully embracing the sustainable life we advocate for at Wildflower, we want to give you more than just a high five.

Incorporate sustainable features in your home, and we'll reward you. The more you include, the bigger your reward - up to $5k^ on a digital Visa gift card, in fact!

So, what's on your shopping list? Is it an induction cooktop? Or how 'bout those solar panels?

Refer a friend and you'll both be better off

Imagine having your bestie live next door. Until 30 June 2024, you could each receive a $1,000* Visa Gift Card when your friend decides to purchase in a Stockland WA community.        

Get started with 3 easy steps:   

1. Check your eligibility with a Stockland team member. 

2. Download, complete and sign the referral form with your friend.  

3. Your friend must then provide the completed form to their Stockland Sales Professional prior to entering into a contract of sales.        

Once both you and your friend have settled on your Stockland purchase, you'll each receive a $1,000* Visa Gift Card.

Think Stockland's so nice, you're buying twice?

If you have purchased at a Stockland community before, the Buy Again Loyalty Program means you may now be eligible to receive a $5,0001 rebate on your next land or house & land purchase at any Stockland community in WA. It's our way of saying thank you for choosing to live in our wonderful communities.

So, no matter whether you're upsizing, downsizing, investing - or simply ready for a design change - you can be confident you'll find a property to match.

Ready to find your next property?

^ Incentive is up to $5,000 provided as a Visa Gift Card. T&Cs apply. For full terms and conditions, visit

* T&Cs apply. For full terms and conditions, visit

1 Incentive is up to a $5,000 rebate applied at settlement. T&Cs apply. For all the full terms and conditions, visit 

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