As exciting as it is building your brand new home, we know all the decision-making can be a little overwhelming. So let's take one of these decisions off your hands.

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23 October 2023

Single phase power has been the default supply for most Aussie households, but with our world increasingly converting to all-electric, from appliances to cars - the need for speed (of power) isn't always quite supported by the simple single-phase power supply.

So what does 3-phase power really mean?

In comparison to a single-phase supply that delivers power through two wires at 240V, 3-phase runs through four wires to supply power in a cycle of three staggered phases, at both 240V and 415V. In other words, 3-phase power is the equivalent of three single-phase supplies and is able to triple the power capacity of your home, with at least two out of three live wires always delivering power. Yes, that means no more sudden power trips. (Reference: Kenner Electrics, 23 October 2023)

Although not mandatory within our design essentials, here's our top 3 reasons you may consider it:

1. Larger homes 

Larger homes and larger families mean more space, more plug points and more appliances. With more appliances running comes larger electricity demands. Though a small home or apartment will do just fine on a single-phase supply, larger homes run the risk of battling frequent (and very inconvenient) circuit trips. Investing in a 3-phase power supply gives you peace of mind knowing you can safely use multiple appliances at once without a worry. (Reference: Kenner Electrics, 23 October 2023)

2. WFH 

The kids are downstairs watching TV, your partner has just turned on the kettle for an afternoon cuppa, and you're frantically typing away trying to meet a deadline whilst you work from home. Your study lamp goes out, the wifi disconnects and you hear the kids whining downstairs. The power's tripped. With working from home fast becoming the norm, opting for 3-phase power to prevent a dilemma like this is a no-brainer.  

3. Future Proofing

Electric cars, induction stovetops and e-scooters are just the first of many signs the world is turning to all-electric. As the financial and eco-friendly benefits of going all-electric take over, it's better to get a head start with a compatible power supply! Plus, by constructing your home with 3-phase power you'll avoid the high costs and intricacies that come with upgrading from single-phase to 3-phase power in an existing home. (Reference: Entire Trades, 6 October 2022)

Remember that when it comes to designing your home, your builder is passionate about ensuring the most functional design for you, and will have the expertise to make an educated recommendation as to whether phase-3 is the right fit for your lifestyle.

At Wildflower, future proofing you and your home is what we do best. Take a look at some of our most popular packages and find your dream home at Stockland WA's first all-electric community.