Whether you're taking baby steps or diving headfirst into the all-electric life, you can find savings on your energy bills and - more importantly - a better future for you and your family.

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19 December 2023

Choosing to go all-electric when building your dream home isn't just about going green - it's about making a financially savvy decision with compounding benefits. The greener you go, the more you are likely to save.

Whether you decide to take basic steps towards an all-electric home or you're ready to take on net-zero carbon emissions - you could find savings on your energy bills. Here are some of our top tips depending on your 'eco-appetite'.


For those not quite ready to go all-out, start small by switching your gas appliances for electric appliances like a chic electric cooktop. Removing your gas connection means you no longer have to pay the daily consumption charges that come with it - that's one less bill to worry about!

While an instantaneous electric hot water system and old school electric element cooktop may see an ever-so-slight increase to your ongoing costs ($20 or so a year1), who wouldn’t pay just 5 cents a day1 to be doing better by the environment and their family’s health?


If you're eager to level up to low carbon living (and more savings - of course) hop onto the popular induction cooktop trend to slim down those energy bills and cook with ease, control and better health outcomes.

While you're at it, why not upgrade to a heat pump hot water system too? This simple switch can save you 16% to 27%1 on your home running costs, so things really start to add up!  


Okay, you're on a roll now. How does saving up to 50%1 in energy costs sound?

With 1 in 3 homes2​ now equipped with solar panels, WA is already ahead of the solar trend, and our very own Piara Waters is one step further, with more than 50%2 of homes adopting Solar PV. Installing solar panels to your home is a worthwhile investment to get off the grid and reap the rewards of compounding savings.

Make your solar purchase worthwhile by adding a battery to store the solar energy generated through the day, and you'll be able to live completely off the grid and with even greater reductions in your ongoing energy bills.

We know installing a battery comes at a high upfront cost, which may not work for everyone. Here's some other ways to maximise your savings using your new PV system if a battery isn't for you:

  • Switch your energy consumption to take advantage of daylight hours. Set your washing machine or other heavy usage appliances to run during the day to maximise the free energy generated through your solar panels.
  • Schedule your appliances so only one or two are running at the same time throughout the day. By timing your appliances to run one after another during the day, you'll dodge having to rely on energy from the grid.

What makes these savings so much sweeter is the added satisfaction that comes with making an eco-friendly choice that not only benefits your bank, but leads to better health outcomes and cares for the future of the you, your family and the world we live in.

There are a load of other ways to lead a lower impact life. Click here to find out more.

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