Forget everything you thought you knew about induction cooking.

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02 October 2023

Previously seen as a limited, novelty cooking method for the techy chef, induction cooking is becoming a global sensation and is soon to be the norm in the everyday household. Not only does this innovative method of cooking provide a sustainable way to reduce energy costs, but it allows you to cook a range of your favourite dishes from across the world in a much quicker, cleaner and safer way. 


'All-electric' is not just a buzz word circulating around Australia. Here's how the rest of the world has hopped onto the induction trend: 



Leading the revolution, Asia contributes to the majority of our global progress to achieving 'clean cooking' and is set to reach 90% access to eco-friendly appliances by 2030 with countries like China and Japan taking advantage of the convenience and versatility of induction technology (Reference: Viktor Tachor, Energy Tracker, 1 September 2022). With an increasing need for a sustainable energy solution, India is now fast-tracking its move away from fossil-fuels and taking advantage of the well-suited climate. South India has been of the first to debunk all-electric misconceptions, and is leading the country as the highest in demand for induction cooktops (Reference: Anand Parthasarathy, Swarajya, 17 July 2023). The Times of India discovered the 'Prestige Hard Anodised Aluminum Plus' as one of the best induction compatible Tawas to cook the perfect, puffy roti (Reference: Aahna Sharma, Times of India, 16 February 2023). 




With eco-friendly, energy saving initiatives launched by European governments and the growing popularity of smart appliances, it's no wonder induction stove tops are taking the continent by storm (Reference: Europe Induction Hobs Market Size & Share Analysis 2023 - 2028, Mordor Intelligence, 29 September 2023). European countries were quick to note the benefits of the induction stovetop in its precision, safety and efficiency - well suited to the chic European home.  




Despite being the creator of one of the first induction cooktops, America was slow to start its induction journey. However, The U.S Product and Safety Commissioner (CPSC) is considering a ban of new gas stoves to make induction cooktops a household standard . California has been the first to begin its gradual residential removal of gas with plans to be 'gas-free' by 2045, inspiring the rest of the nation to embrace the craze (Reference: Jamie Gold, Forbes, 30 June 2021). 




As a country constantly looking for better ways to practice sustainability, we've jumped into the induction revolution feet first. With proven safety and environmental benefits of induction stove tops, rising energy costs and Victoria's hop on the new home gas ban along with the ACT, all-electric just makes sense (Reference: Mirage News, 28 July 2023). As science-backed benefits continue to replace the old wives tales surrounding induction cooking, gas is out and induction is in.


Stockland Wildflower has long been ahead of the trend as Stockland's first all-electric community in WA, committed to providing a sustainable future for you, your family and the environment.  


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