To celebrate the launch of Stockland’s first all-electric community in WA, Wildflower in Piara Waters, an intimate cooking demonstration was hosted for customers and first purchasers with celebrity chef Miguel Maestre and local special guest Chef Gogo.

2 min
06 July 2023

The interactive demo was recently held at Home Collective in Leederville, and featured international cooking on induction cooktops. Chef Gogo focused on Indian flavours and Miguel shared his signature paella, but the star of the show was the fresh scallops caught that morning at Rottnest Island.


Wildflower is Stockland’s first all-electric community in Western Australia and encourages resident to move towards renewable energy sources and creating healthier homes that don’t rely on fossil fuels. With many prospective residents having a long history cooking with gas, the cooking demonstration was an opportunity for Wildflower residents to learn more about induction cooking and how going all-electric can have a positive impact in the heart of their homes – the kitchen.


1.  Reduce your carbon footprint and live healthier


Stockland General Manager – WA Communities, Col Dutton, said that increasingly, customers are wanting to live more sustainably and lessen their impact – Wildflower will encourage Western Australians to embrace more sustainable living and energy efficient homes.


“We want our customers to know that Stockland’s here to help every step of the way and with the help of Miguel and Chef Gogo, I can see that we’re on track,” said Mr. Dutton.


“By removing gas and going all-electric, homeowners reduce their carbon footprint. Induction cooktops are more powerful, energy efficient, easier to clean and reduce air pollutants in the home. Plus, by removing gas, you have one less connection fee and ongoing bill to pay.


“We recognise that going all-electric can be a big change for the daily lives of our residents, which is why we want to show them the cost, health and environmental benefits of moving away from gas.”


2.  Induction cooking is quick and safe


Celebrity Chef Miguel Maestre said that he was excited to be part of the launch of Wildflower and show the community how to cook in their new homes.


“Food is a language that we all speak – it provides an opportunity for connection and brings people together. Celebrating food, speaking to the Wildflower community, and helping them to cook in their new homes is an honour,” said Mr. Maestre.


“Cooking with induction is safe because once your pan's off the surface, the heat stops. It’s that simple. It’s also quick with induction cooking, there’s no more waiting for your pan to heat up. It’ll take a little time for some residents to adjust, but when they do – they won’t look back!”


3.  It’s a safer and better way to cook


Owner of Gogo’s South Perth and local restaurateur Chef Gogo said that he was thrilled to cook for the Stockland community and show them just how easy it is to cook in an all-electric kitchen.


“Induction is amazing. It’s a safer way to cook and a better way to cook,” Chef Gogo said.


“When cooking with induction, it’s very easy to control the temperature – you can set the cooktop to a very precise temperature to cook any dish and for many, that means less burnt dishes! It’s also easier to clean, just wipe. No more fiddling with the stove top, just spray and wipe and you’re done.”


Check out a snapshot of the evening below. Or if you're ready to find your future home at Stockland Wildflower, explore our most popular packages