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07 August 2023


 As the cost of living continues to rise, we're all making sure to spend our money where it matters most. Spring may be on the way, but there's still some pretty crispy evenings ahead, with the average September night expected to fall under 10 degrees. That's why we've compiled a list of five energy-saving ways to keep your home cosy without costing your savings, style - or the environment.

 winter warmer bedroom

1. Block the breeze. 

Though a keyhole or crack in the floorboard may seem small, sealing these gaps can make the biggest difference in keeping draughts from creeping in. Gaps can be inexpensively filled using putty, sealants or even a fabric draft stopper, purchasable at your local hardware store. Alternatively, adding a rug to a room makes for easy insulation and a stylish interior


2. Make hay whilst the sun shines. 

Open your curtains during the day to let those glorious rays of winter sunshine naturally heat up your home. Boost this method by positioning a mirror near the window to reflect rays across the room. Before the evening hits, close your curtains, seal the gaps and retain the heat all through the night. 


3. Create a micro-climate. 

Heating up one small space instead of the entire house is the easiest way to warm up fast, for less. Find a comfy spot, close-off any unused rooms and you'll only require minimal energy and effort to create a cosy escape from the cold. Eco-friendly methods like a hot water-bottle or electric blanket will double in effect, leaving you warm and guilt-free.  

4. Build a barrier.

If your home is equipped with quality roof insulation and thickly glazed windows, you're already a super saver! Properly insulated homes save up to half their energy bill and, with double-glazed windows, reduce both heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer by 30%. If you're building your home, ask your builder for thicker glazing and higher-grade insulation options for a long-term saving solution, and a home with the perfect temperature all year-round.

5. Get cooking.

Why not reuse the heat we already generate? Nothing tops a hearty, home-cooked meal on a winter's day to warm you up, and by leaving the oven slightly ajar post roast - you'll get double the warmth. Another creative way to reuse heat is by opening the bathroom door to let the hot shower steam filter throughout your home.

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