Introducing the 4 jobs to get you to your new home

Understanding the home-buying and building process

We are committed to delivering an exceptional quality of life to our residents. And we want to bring that same sense of serenity to the house buying process, so you can find the place for you sooner. We've broken the process into four manageable 'jobs' for your to complete, in whichever order suits you. Let's get started.

Get finance-ready  Find your community  Choose your ideal home  Plan your build and design

Get finance-ready for approval

Defining your budget is a pretty big consideration for buying a home. Ticking off the Finance job involves understanding how you can get yourself in a position to buy, from saving for a deposit to accessing government grants and rebates to being aware of special offers. Then when you’ve got the money in the bank, you’re ready to go!

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How much deposit do you need for a home loan?
How do I get a home loan?
What government grants and rebates are available?
How do I plan a budget?
How do I prepare my finances for a new move?

Find your perfect community

Deciding where to live is crucial. Discover how a community built around five key principles of Belonging, Connection, Health and Fitness, Safety, and Environment and Sustainability can give you the lifestyle you want for whatever stage of life you're in.

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Affordability and value
Lifestyle and liveability
Transport and working from home
Pros and cons of city or suburb living
Moving house with pets

Choose the ideal type of home for your needs

Do you ever feel like being spoilt for choice is a bad thing? That’s why ticking the Home Type job off the list is so important. By understanding what home options are available to meet your budget and needs, from house and land packages to townhomes, you can make the best choice for you.

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What does buying off-the-plan involve?
Tips for creating a home office
Should I buy or build?
Is an established or brand-new home best for me?
Understanding the different type of homes

Planning your build and design needs

Easily the most fun of your jobs to do, because it involves turning a house into your home, and your dreams into reality! From choosing the right builder to using our Dreamcatcher tool to define the style and interior design elements that will let you create your home sanctuary, this is one job you’ll look forward to doing.

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Choosing a builder
Designing your space
The building process
Visiting a Stockland display village
Low-carbon building and living

View Stockland communities in your state. 

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