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Back to school essentials for busy parents


The back-to-school season is swiftly approaching and if one thing is for sure, it’s that it’s never too early to start back-to-school shopping. In fact, it’ll help avoid the rush and any disappointment of stocks selling out. And while we’re sure you’ll likely receive the dreaded school supply checklist, Stockland Birtinya go beyond the standard list because we know a thing or two about the best trending products that will set your kids up for success in their new grade.

Consider this your ultimate checklist for all things school necessities – from top tips and advice to affordable and convenient finds! 



Clothing (uniforms and shoes)

Ensuring your kid has the correct uniform and all the accessories that go with it will be sure to ward off any headaches (or tears) come the first day of school. It’s also no surprise that being organised will help them get up in the morning and be on time for school. So first and foremost, check that their uniform from last year still fits and if not, book in at the uniform store. 


Next stop, shoe shop! Purchasing school shoes is one of the most crucial parts of back-to-school planning and Surf Dive n Ski might be able to help you there – after all, your kids’ school shoes will see them through a whole year of wear from walking between classes, rainy days, and even running after the school bus! Don’t forget to check out Coles and pick up some fresh new socks as well (because there’s nothing worse than white socks that have turned grey over time).


Fun fact: Did you know the best time to buy shoes is in the afternoon because that’s when the foot will be at its largest?


Lunchbox recipes

We know your life is busy (especially when you have school-aged youngsters), which is why easy lunchbox recipes are always a must. Luckily, we have 12 healthy lunch box ideas – simply check them out here.

Once you’ve mastered the art of becoming a lunchbox chef, it’s important to continue enticing them to eat healthy through other techniques. But how? The presentation, of course! Coles and Dollars and Senses have a plethora of fun containers, water bottles, and lunch bags to see your kids through the school day!

Tip: Avoid plastic packaging and opt for containers with an eco-friendly tick on them.


Stationery & books

Tackle homework routines and keep your kids productive during long school days with fun stationary! Have all their pens, pencils, and highlighters at their fingertips with a pencil case from Surf Dive n Ski – it’s big enough to fit all their supplies yet compact enough to fit in their backpack!

Introduce a rewards system whereby you purchase a box filled with small stationery goods from Dollars and Sense – think rubbers, notepads, sticky notes, and more. Each time they achieve something at school be sure to reward them with the opportunity to choose something from the box! After all, giving kids rewards for their efforts suggest that their hard work is appreciated and can promote good behaviour as well as increase self-esteem.


There’s officially no need to feel overwhelmed when the back-to-school mayhem hits – simply reduce stress and plan ahead with a trip to Stockland Birtinya!


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