Stockland Birtinya provides all day parking with over 520 car park bays available, including undercover parks, parents with prams, seniors, motorbike and disabled parking spaces. Due to our enviable position in the heart of the health hub and the high volume of workers in the region, Stockland Birtinya's managed parking is designed to ensure there's always a park available for customers of the shopping centre.

The advanced parking system is easy to use, and is ticketless based on licence plate recognition, allowing customers quicker and easier access in and out without the need of a ticket. 


Stockland Birtinya offers two hours free parking for all customers, however if you spend $50 on your visit you will receive an additional two hours free parking on validation of your spend. To receive the additional two hours free parking please visit the Centre Management Office down the corridor next to Coles. Parking is also free after 5pm.




What is ticketless parking & how does it work?  

The new parking system will utilise number plate recognition to take a picture of your number plate when you enter and recognises this at the exit gate.   Customers who visit the centre several times a day will still be offered 2 hours free parking,  as long as visits are 30 minutes apart. If you re-enter under 30 minutes, you will be charged for the entire period you have parked. If your visit is within 2 hours, you'll enjoy free parking whereby you can simply proceed to the exit and the boom gate will open automatically.

For customers staying longer than 2 hours, there are three easy ways to pay for parking:  

1. At the pay station in centre, by typing in your number plate  

2. At the boom gate, by credit or debit card 

3. By registering online, to have your fees automatically deducted from your nominated credit or debit card.    

How do I keep track of how long I have parked?  

You can check what time you entered the carpark by typing your number plate details into any pay station, located at every entry to the centre.  

How do I register for parking with a Disability permit?  

Disability permit parking holders can park at the centre for free at any time. To register for ticketless parking, please present your permit to the team at the Centre Management Office. Once you have registered you will be able to access the car park seamlessly.  

Can I validate my parking after making a purchase?  

Customers who present their receipts totalling $50 or (spent on one day) more to the Centre Management Office at the Coles end of the centre will be provided with a printed complimentary voucher to scan and validate their parking for an additional 2 hours free, at any pay station when leaving the centre.

What happens if I leave the centre and come back later?

If you leave the centre and return later you will receive an additional 2 hours free, however you must have been out of the car park for 30 mins or more to reset. 

What are the parking rates?





3-3.5 HRS


3.5-4 HRS


4-4.5 HRS


4.5-5 HRS


5-5.5 HRS


5.5 HRS +



Why should customers register online?

If you are a regular customer you are encouraged to register their vehicle rego number and credit or debit card details at
Once registered, if customers choose to stay longer than two hours there will be no need to visit a pay station as the fee will be automatically charged to their registered account credit or debit card on exit to avoid the trip to the pay machine.
How do I register?
24 hours before visiting the centre, register your details once at On your next visit, proceed directly to the exit and the parking fee will be automatically charged to your registered credit or debit card.

Who do I contact for questions?  

Please contact our Car Park Management team on the following details.

Phone: 1300 55 11 31 Email:

Read our Conditions of Entry.

Read our Terms and Conditions of our Parking Portal.