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Grab & go? Lunch options under $10

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If you’re short on time on workdays or always forget to pack lunch (guilty), then you’ve come to the right place! Busy schedules are no match for the easy grab-and-go lunch options we’re about to share.

Even if you’re an avid lunch packer, we know your eyes tend to stray at midday (because nothing beats a sneaky lunchtime treat!). From smoothies to rice paper rolls, we’ve rounded up a whole lot of portable bites that are sure to keep you satisfied until dinner rolls around. The best part? Everything is under $10!

So, without further ado, let’s dig into the best grab-and-go lunch options available at Stockland Green Hills.


For the clean eater

Image via: @hydration.greenhills


If you’re looking to cut out processed foods and stick to healthy lunch alternatives, then Hydration is the ideal spot to go! Choose from their selection of granola bowls, fruit salads, fresh juices, and super smoothies. You’ll notice their menu items are filled with antioxidants and natural sugars which will help give you an extra boost of energy to see you through until the end of the day.


For the sweet tooth

Image via: @c9chocolateandgelato


This might be an unpopular opinion, but lunch doesn’t need to be savoury! Don’t believe us? A trip to C9 Chocolate and Gelato will prove otherwise. Maybe you’re looking for a bite to eat between breakfast and lunch, or you’re just craving a sweet treat – their cronuts will certainly do the trick. It’s not only deliciously delectable but it’s only $6 (now that’s a bargain!).


For the innovative one

Stuck between wanting to pack lunch and wanting to buy food out? A trip to Coles or Woolworths is perfect for you. We recommend heading straight to their deli section to choose from their selection of gourmet salads before picking up some snacks like fresh fruit, protein balls, or even some yoghurt. It’ll be as if you packed your own lunch without having to wake up early to prepare it.


For the picky eater

Image via: @guzmanygomez


If you consider yourself a picky eater then chances are you’ll need to go somewhere that has a wide variety of meals to choose from, right? If that sounds like you then you have to check out TGI Fridays. It’s a great spot for picky eaters, offering everything from thick cut fries to mac n’ cheese with panko crumb. Otherwise, if you’re on the hunt for food readily available within minutes then you can’t go wrong with a fast-food destination like Guzman Y Gomez.


For the flavour craver

Image via: @rolld_vietnamese


Nothing beats an authentic international flavour at lunchtime! We’re talking Vietnamese cuisine, a cuisine that you sometimes just crave for no reason other than how delicious it is. Luckily Stockland Green Hills is home to one of the best Vietnamese spots out there, Roll’d. But it’s not just rice paper rolls that they’re good at, they also have bao buns, pho cups, spring rolls and more.


No matter how busy your calendar gets, everyone loves a gourmet lunch! With an array of dining options in Stockland Green Hills, you’ll never have to worry about that pesky lunchtime conundrum of finding a quick bite to eat, that’s budget-friendly, and suitable to your dietary preferences! Next time you find yourself asking ‘what should I have for lunch’ simply look to this roundup to point you in the right direction.


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