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Back to School Lunchbox Ideas

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The only thing better than the smell of the new school year is these killer lunch ideas… from healthy additions to grab-and-go foods, here are five days’ worth of lunchbox combos that your youngsters will love!


Hello antioxidants! Not only are blueberries an easy win when it comes to kids, but they’re packed full of essential vitamins and nutrients. Add in some crackers and a boiled egg for sustained energy levels, as well as some easily-snackable celery and carrot sticks and they’re good to go from little lunch to the 3pm bell!




Who doesn't love a ham and cheese sandwich? Make this golden oldie the centrepoint of today’s lunch and pad the rest out with a boiled egg and some fruit (grapes are a certified hit). Our tip? Squeeze a lemon over chopped fruit to keep it fresh throughout the day. 



Feel like you’re chasing your tail trying to get your kids to finish their lunch? Fun shapes are an easy way to get them enthusiastic about food and get your creative juices flowing!


It's almost the end of the week, so why not go a little more gourmet? A tuna salad with cheese and tomato sandwich is an easy-win. Opt for multi-grain bread for some extra fibre and add in a couple of apples and a handful of for snacktime. 



Happy FRI-YAY! Help them celebrate the end of the week with bunny or animal shapes! From a boiled egg to their sandwich, and even grapes. Just make sure you keep the meal balanced with a bit of everything!


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