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DIY Book Week Costume Ideas Part I

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It’s no secret kids love dressing up for book week. It’s also no secret that (unless you’re a whiz with a sewing machine) putting together a new costume every year can be a daunting task.

While coming up with costume ideas can be difficult, the hardest part of book week is actually assembling a cheap and easy (yet adorable and effective) outfit. Make the most of PVA glue and focus on recreating the colours of the character.  Adding a few simple accessories that match the book will go a long way to making your little one’s book week costume stand out.

We’ve put together some of this year’s most popular costumes. Each can be assembled at the last minute with no stitching required. So whether you’re a last-minute prep kind of person or a crafty DIY fiend – take a look at our top four Book Week costumes. 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Book Week 2017 Costume Ideas

Here’s what you’ll need:

• Green cardboard in two shades
• Purple pipe cleaners
• Yellow, green and red sheets of craft foam
• Black twine
• Scissors
• PVA glue

Here’s how to do it:

Book Week 2017 Costume Ideas

1. Cut two large dinner plate-sized circles from each shade of green cardboard. These circles will form the body.

Book Week 2017 Costume Ideas

2. Line up the circles in alternating colours and thread together with black twine.
3. Make two holes in the top circle and leave excess twine. To attach the body of the caterpillar, tie these together around the back of your child’s neck.

Book Week 2017 Costume Ideas

4. To make the caterpillar head, cut two green ovals and two slightly larger yellow ovals to form the eyes.
5. Glue these to a rectangular piece of red craft foam cut to about 15cm high and 30cm across. 
6. Attach two purple pipe cleaners to the top to form the antennae. 
7. Secure this onto your child using elastic. 

The Paper Bag Princess

Book Week 2017 Costume Ideas

Here’s what you’ll need:
• Gold washi tape
• Empty toilet paper roll
• Twine
• Thin headband
• Masking tape
• Scissors
• A roll of brown wrapping paper
• Optional plush toy dragon

Here’s how to do it:
1. Cover toilet paper roll in gold washi tape, then cut small triangles from the top to make a crown shape. 
2. Attach this to a headband using masking tape to secure.
3. Cut a length of brown wrapping paper that’s double the shoulder-to-ankle height of your child.
4. Fold in half and cut a semi-circle in the middle to act as the head hole. This will form the basis of the dress.
5. Once your child is ready to dress up, pop the dress over her head. Cut any extra length off either side. 
6. Secure with twine tied in a bow around her waist and tape down either side to form a dress.
7. Add a plush dragon for an extra level of adorable to the Paper Bag Princess look.

Fox in Socks

Book Week 2017 Costume Ideas

Insert Image: 
Here’s what you’ll need:
• Red tracksuit
• Red craft foam 
• White and black paint
• 2 pairs of adult-sized blue socks
• Read feather boa
• Elastic
• Scissors

Here’s how to do it:
1. To make the fox mask, cut an oval shape with two attached triangles from a sheet of red craft foam, leaving two long strips on either side to form a head band. 
2. Leaving a sharp point for the fox’s nose, cut some small scalloped shapes into either side.
3. Add detail by painting the bottom of the mask, the eyebrows and inner part of the ears white, and complete with a black triangular nose.
4. Tie elastic around each side of the back of the mask so that you can securely tie this on to your little fox.
5. Cut the very top of a pair of blue socks to create hand holes.
6. Cover their school shoes with the uncut pair of blue socks.
7. When it’s time to get ready, tuck a red feather boa into the back of a red pair of tracksuit bottoms to create a fluffy fox tail. 


Book Week 2017 Costume Ideas

Here’s what you’ll need:
• Paper plates
• Headband
• Masking tape
• Fawn and gold-coloured paint
• Large black T-shirt
• Brown tissue paper
• Empty tissue box
• Black twine
• Empty paper towel roll
• White card
• Scissors

Here’s how to do it:
1. Paint two paper plates with fawn paint and attach to a headband with masking tape.
2. Tie black twine to the top of an empty tissue box to form a handle and cover the tissue box in brown tissue paper.
3. Paint the word “Dreams” on to the front of the tissue box in gold paint to create a copy of the Big Friendly Giant’s briefcase.
4. Cut away the front section of a large black T-shirt, leaving the collar intact to form a cape.
5. Complete the costume with the BFG’s horn. Roll a piece of white card into a cone shape and glue into an empty paper towel to form a horn shape. Finish this off by painting it gold.

All these costumes can be made from start to finish in one hour, with no sewing required.

Not only will your kids be stoked with their costumes, but you’ll be stoked with how cute they look as well. 

DIY costumes have never been easier!


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Book Week 2017 Costume Ideas

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