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DIY Leave a thoughtful gift for someone who's isolating

Category: home and DIY

During this unprecedented times, you might know someone who is currently in isolation. Let them know that you are thinking about them by simply posting or leaving on the doorstep, a customised gift. We’ve come up with a few thoughtful gifts ideas to get you started.

A handmade card

Mother and Daughter engaging in craft play

Doubling up as a special 'iso-gift' to stick on the fridge, and a ‘crafternoon’ to entertain the little ones, a hand-drawn card is always going to put a smile on their faces. Pick up some craft supplies like coloured card, glitter glue, a fresh set of crayons, and some stencils from your local Stockland shopping centre and ask the kids to make a custom creation from your family to theirs.  

A jar of IOU helper vouchers 

As a community, we’re a helpful bunch so why not put that good-spirited generosity to use with an IOU voucher jar for your lucky gift receiver to redeem! Simply grab a glass mason jar with a lid, tie some twine around it in a bow, cut out a few colourful pieces of card and sit down with the kids to brainstorm some ways you could help them. During COVID-19, it’s been a particularly challenging time for the mature members of our community, so if they live nearby, maybe the voucher could say, ‘I’ll take your wheelie bin out on Tuesdays’, ‘I’ll pick up some eggs and bread for you’, or ‘I’ll mow the lawn’. You could even promise a Skype conversation each week for a chat. As we know, connection is so important. 

A DIY eggshell herb kit

Eggshell Herb Garden
Another great gift idea to create at home with the kids is a DIY eggshell herb kit that your neighbour can pop on her windowsill. All you need is an empty egg carton, a few eggshells (keep some aside from the delicious Rocky Road

in our gift idea below), some soil from the garden, and some herb seeds. Tip: watercress is particularly fast-growing. Simply pierce a small ‘drainage hole’ in the bottom of the shell, fill the shells with soil and seeds, and pop in the carton. A cute gift that they can smile about as they watch the seedlings grow. 

Fluffy socks 

Anyone would love to keep their tootsies toasty with some marshmallow-soft bed socks this winter. Psst, Kmart and Big W have some extra-fluffy ones that we are loving! It’s only a small gesture to leave on their doorstep, but there’s something about warm socks during the chilly months that feels like an indulgence! Just pair them with a box of yummy choccies and it’ll certainly brighten anyone's day. 

A jigsaw puzzle 

If you know they're the type of who love a challenge, then a jigsaw puzzle will be sure to make them smile. Simply wrap the box in some lovely paper, pop a bow on top and leave the surprise on their doorstep. They can update you of their progress on your next phone call or Skype chat! 

Homemade rocky road

Little Girl making food in the kitchen
Who doesn’t love a rich, chocolate-y treat to enjoy with their afternoon cup of tea? And the best part about Rocky Road is that you can add as much or as little as you like! Set up a few ramekins with ingredients like chopped marshmallows, nuts (check for allergies first), coconut, jelly beans and crushed Arnott's biscuits from Coles or Woolies and melt some chocolate in a mixing bowl. Then get the kids to add what they’d like to the mixture and combine before popping in a few patty pans or a small dish to freeze. Place in the fridge to set and then chop into delicious chunks. Wrap in some cellophane, tie with twine, add a tag listing all the ingredients, and voila! A special treat for a special fellow. 

A box full of goodies

Various care package items

You know your family member, friend or neighbour best, so think about the things they enjoy. Is it a new book or magazine for their entertainment or a variety of treats or chocolates for their sweet tooth? For that active neighbour who loves to exercise maybe it's a fancy water bottle? For those that like to stay in, you can go past some pampering items such as a face mask, candle and hand cream.

Any effort counts, and these gifts will go a long way towards making them feel special when things are not as usual.  

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