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DIY tie-dye sneakers

Category: kids

Tie-dye is a crowd favourite design that originated in China thousands of years ago. While it rose to popularity in America during the era of the hippies, it is something that’s seen a resurgence in popularity this season, with kids adding the colourful trend to their fashion, footwear, and accessories.


From weekends and rainy days to school holidays, if you’re eager to entertain the kids during the break, tie-dye sneakers are the perfect activity that’ll also give them a fun new pair of shoes for the upcoming school term. Creative and low cost, try this fun DIY activity today.


Let’s make some new kicks!



An assortment of craft items including scissors, coloured sharpie pens, glue, masking tape, and white sneakers

Product captions: Kmart Canvas Sneakers $10 | Kmart Sharpie Permanent Marker 12pk $12 | Chemist Isocol Rubbing Alcohol Spray $5.99 | Kmart Student Scissors $0.75 | Kmart 3 Day Masking Tape $4 


First up, what you’ll need:

  • Canvas sneakers

  • Colourful set of sharpie markers

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Masking tape

  • Gloves


The best part about this activity is that many of the items you’ll already have in your cupboard! We recommend checking out Kmart, Target or Big W for a fresh white pair of canvas sneakers and sharpies.


Once you’ve got all the above items, it’s time to get tie-dyeing!


Step one

Hands placing masking tape along the side of white sneakers


Start by covering the sole and rubber sides of the canvas shoe to ensure the ink doesn’t run.


Step two

Hands colouring in sneakers with coloured permanent marker pens


Now, it’s time to get artsy! Use the sharpies to colour your desired design onto the shoes.


Hot tip: Try a thick stripe design if you’re at a beginner art level or go for a classic spiral for those at an intermediate level.


Step three

Coloured white sneakers being sprayed with setting spray


Spray the rubbing alcohol evenly around the shoe to allow the colours to run. Don’t be shy, be sure to spray a thick layer!


As the shoe dries, you’ll see the magic happen! Feel free to repeat steps two and three until you’re happy with the results.


Step four

Hands removing masking tape from side of sneakers


Once the shoes are completely dry, peel off the tape.


Step five

Multi-coloured sneakers with coloured permanent marker pens on display


Finally, enjoy your new kicks!


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