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DIY Tiered Cake For Less Than $30

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When her $500 wedding cake didn’t arrive, guess what her guests pulled off?

Last year, when Jade Neil‎ married her husband Rohan she arrived to her reception to discover her wedding cake had not been delivered.

She had ordered the cake, paid for it, confirmed it, and it just hadn’t arrived.

Two of Jade's sisters-in-law and a good family friend, learned of the wedding disaster, and jumped into action.

In less than an hour, they created a DIY wedding masterpiece using pre-made supermarket mud cakes, a few jars pre-made icing and fresh flowers.

DIY Wedding Cake

Jade shared her story of Facebook last week, and it has since gone viral.

The Stockland team reached out to Jade to ask her about her cake and her amazing story.

"Our story has just gone crazy, we would have never expected this kind of global reaction” said Jade.

“I’ve had TV interviews, it’s viral on social media and the news has spread to US, Canada, Germany, UK and who knows where. I had an interview on US breakfast TV over Skype!!

“My friends and family said that I just couldn't not have a cake on my wedding day. They arranged it all. I had no idea my new cake was even being made.

“The girls did such a great job on the cake and I was so thankful for what they did to save my day.

“Now when I go food shopping at Stockland Townsville and see those mud cakes, I just smile and think of my wonderful wedding day.

May Chew, Jade’s good friend was one of the heroes that stepped in to save the day and has since been inspired to start a Facebook blog page to share more culinary creations

“I’m a home cook. I enjoy it. I’ve made lots and lots of cakes. I do it for fun” said May to the Stockland team.

“On the wedding day, my husband encouraged me to do something.  We ran around Woolies like we were in The Amazing Race! The cake was pulled together really quickly. We did what we could”.

DIY Wedding Cake

Jade, May and the gang inspired the Stockland team to make their own amazing wedding cake from a humble supermarket bought mud cake! Check out this quick DIY video to see how you can create a wonderful cake like Jade’s yourself at home.

You can pick up pre-made mud cakes from most Woolworths and Coles supermarkets nationally for around $5.

DIY Wedding Cake 

Stockland wish her and her husband all the best for a beautiful life together.

It turns out you can have your cake and eat it too.

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