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Easy kids bath bomb recipe

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As school holidays roll around, we know how hard it can be to find educational and creative activities to keep little ones busy. Luckily, we’ve got just the activity! With ingredients you can gather from your pantry, your little ones can have a go at making their very own bath bombs! The best part is…we’ve also included a sneaky surprise for them to discover inside!  


Let their creativity run free as they choose their favourite colour and scent to personalise their bath bombs. Then, experience the magic during bath time as they watch their bath bombs fizz and explode, unveiling a series of dinosaur figurines in the middle. It's not just a fun craft project; it's an immersive sensory experience! Ready to get started? Keep reading to discover how to create your own bath bombs. 


What you’ll need: 

Miscellaneous products to create DIY bath bombs including an ice cube tray, mixing bowl, whisk, bi-carb soda, and citric acid. 

  • Large mixing bowl  

  • Water spray bottle (we used the Kmart Spray Bottle for $2) 

  • Small figurine (you can find figurines at various stores. We used the Kmart 30 Piece Toy Dinosaurs for $3.75) 

  • Silicone ice cube tray (we used the Kmart Silicone Ice Cube Tray for $1.75)  



Dry ingredients:  

  • 2 cups of bi-carb soda   

  • 1 cup of citric acid  

  • 1 cup cream of tartar 


Wet ingredients:  

  • 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil  

  • Food colouring  

  • Skin-safe essentials oils  

  • Water in spray bottle 






Step one 

A glass mixing bowl with bi-carb soda, citric acid, and tartar being mixed with a whisk.

Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl together (bi-carb soda, citric acid, tartar). Add 1-2 drops of food colouring to the dry ingredients and whisk thoroughly until you achieve your desired colour. 


Step two 

Melt coconut oil in the microwave so it becomes a liquid. Then, mix coconut oil and essential oils together in a separate bowl.  


Step three 

A glass mixing bowl holding a DIY bath bomb mixture, and a hand squeezing a small amount of the mixture into a ball.

Slowly pour the liquid mixture in with the dry mixture, whisking as you go. If you see the mixture fizz or foam, you may be adding the liquid too quickly. Once the wet and dry ingredients are combined, take a small amount in your hand and squeeze it together. It should stick together in the same way that damp sand would. If your mixture is slightly too dry, simply add 1-2 light spritzes of water with your spray bottle.  


Step four 

A glass mixing bowl with DIY bath bomb mixture. Some of the mixture is being packed into round ice cube tray moulds.

Once the mixture is ready, pack it tightly into one side of the mould (or silicone ice cube tray) and press your hidden figurine into one half. Over-fill the other side of the mould and shut tightly before tapping gently with a spoon to loosen. Leave for 10-15 minutes before removing from the mould. Now it’s time to have a bath and see the bath bombs in action!  


An orange coloured DIY bath bomb in the palm of someone's hand.

This simple yet engaging activity is perfect for keeping the kids entertained during the holidays. Not only will they have a blast following the steps to create their own bath bombs, but it also adds an element of excitement to bath time! You can find everything you need to create these cute jars at your local Stockland shopping centre! So, swing by to get everything you need for this fun holiday activity. 


A DIY bath bomb foaming in a bath tub to reveal a hidden dinosaur figurine.

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