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How to make a reusable DIY advent calendar

Category: kids

The time has come to start counting the days until the big man in red arrives and if one thing’s for sure, it’s that there’s nothing more exciting than the lead-up to Christmas. After all, the magic of Christmas starts long before December 25th and the thrill of opening an advent calendar everyday just adds to that. Who doesn’t love daily surprises?

While you can easily buy your own advent calendar from the supermarket, there’s something a little bit more precious about making your own (mostly because you can choose what goes inside)!

Simply follow our step-by-step guide to create your very own festive advent calendar!

Here’s what you’ll need:
Various items used to create a DIY advent calendar including red ribbon, twine, hessian loot bags, and gift tags.

• Twine or string
• Red ribbon
• 12 hessian loot bags (grab yours at Kmart)
• Christmas artificial leaf garland
• 12 gift tags numbered 1 – 12
• Goodies to add inside (Chocolate and lollies are a must! Pick these up from your local Stockland supermarket)
• A piece of sturdy bamboo


Step one
Red ribbon being tied around a bamboo pole.

First and foremost, attach the red ribbon to the bamboo – this will create the hanging element of the advent calendar.

Step two
An artificial Christmas garland being wrapped around a bamboo pole.

Time to get decorating! Wrap the artificial leaf garland around the bamboo, ensuring that the bamboo is completely covered with foliage.

Step three
A young woman hanging up a DIY Christmas Advent calendar on the wall.

Add a festive flair with decorative berries, flowers, and fairy lights. Tip: be sure to stick to a colour scheme that matches the rest of your Christmas décor!

Step four
A young woman adding keepsakes and small gifts to a DIY Christmas advent calendar hanging on the wall.

Attach the numbered gift tags to the hessian loot bags and use twine to tie them onto the bamboo pillar. Tip: use various lengths of twine to create depth between the loot bags.

Step five
A young woman adding keepsakes and small gifts to a DIY Christmas advent calendar hanging on the wall.

For the final step simply add a selection of sweet treats into the loot bags – you can get creative with this and add anything from chocolates and wrapped lollies, to small knick-knacks and ornaments! The best part is you can reuse it next year and fill the bags with new items.

There you have it, an easy how-to guide to creating a reusable advent calendar! Stockland is here to help you bring your Christmas countdown to life – so ditch the once-off advent calendars and make your own reusable one this year.

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