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How to make a handprint jewellery dish

Category: kids

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, there’s no better time to spend quality time as a family or as a mother-child-duo! This year, why not indulge in an afternoon filled with creativity? Not only is it the perfect opportunity to enjoy each other’s company, but you’ll also finish up with a meaningful piece of art (or should we say a meaningful handprint jewellery dish?).


This easy at-home DIY also happens to be a great Mother’s Day gift – whether it be for mum herself or another motherly figure in your life!


But before you get crafty, you’ll need to stop by your local Stockland centre to pick up a few essentials.


Here’s what you’ll need:


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  • Air dry clay from Kmart – it’s ideal for creating jewellery, ornaments, and figurines and requires no oven or kiln.

  • Paint and paintbrushes

  • Rolling pin

  • Small bowl

  • Butter knife

How to make it:

Step one

Soften the clay by warming and kneading it with your hands. Add a dash of water to ensure the texture is workable (warning, this might get messy!). Use a rolling pin to roll the clay out (think of it like rolling pizza dough). Ensure the clay is not too thick and not too thin – 1cm is perfect!


Step two

Place your child’s hand on top of the clay and lightly trace around it with a pencil.


Step three

Mum, use a butter knife to cut out the handprint.


Tip: to make the cut cleaner, run the knife under hot water for a few seconds. It will help glide right through the clay!


Step four

Mould the clay hand over the underside of a small bowl and let dry for 24 hours.


Step five

Time to get creative! Paint the clay hand however you like – we went with little hearts. Let dry for 4-6 hours.


Once your handprint jewellery dish is complete there’s only one thing left to do. Kids, it’s time to wrap it up, of course! Don’t forget to write a card and give mum a big hug on Mother’s Day morning, too.


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