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3 Ways To Spice Up Secret Santa


Secret Santa has long been a festive staple and a brilliant way to simplify your gift giving. Played amongst friends and family (near or far), work colleagues, or the classroom, 2020 is all about embracing the alternatives and bringing some Christmas magic wherever you are in the world. With that said, why not shake things up with these three fun ways to do Secret Santa and enjoy the season of gift-giving!

Musical presents (with a twist)

Take all the elements of the traditional musical chairs but add a cheeky twist! The idea is to each bring a generic gift, think keep-cup and local coffee beans, a 2021 planner, or a Bluetooth speaker – you’ll find these at your local Stockland centre. Then, take a seat around the table, nominate someone as the DJ and play some Christmas tunes as you pass your presents around clockwise. This is where the twist comes in! The youngest will open their present first and if they don’t like it, they can opt to start the music and pass the presents around one more time. This is important – they can only choose to pass on a present once. The game will then continue until all presents have been opened (youngest to eldest) and everyone has a gift!

Three new ways to play Secret Santa

Gift auction

Combine some DIY bidding paddles, monopoly money, your (generic) Secret Santa gifts, plus a little light-hearted competition, and you have a gift auction! Holding a gift auction is not only a fun twist on the traditional Secret Santa game but, if you’re a savvy bidder, you have a good chance of receiving a gift you’d really like! It works by each bringing a small gift and giving each person $50 in monopoly money and a bidding paddle. The auctioneer will then open the presents one by one, giving everyone an opportunity to bid like a real auction – keeping in mind your limit is $20. Once a gift is won, you then withdraw from the auction, and the game continues until everyone has a gift. Tip: the auctioneer can be swapped out with the first winning bidder, so everyone has a chance to play.  
Alternatively, you could use real money and set a price limit ($20 for example). The money can then be pooled and donated to charity. PS – you don’t have to use all of your cash, but the more you want the present, the higher you’ll bid. Plus, it goes to charity so you’re winning all-round!

Virtual Secret Santa

This year, Secret Santa games are getting a virtual makeover! Because near or far, you can bring a little Christmas magic to your friends and family direct to their living room. All it takes is a bit of inspiration and a good WiFi connection! Begin by registering your Secret Santa participants on a name shuffling website, and the virtual hat will draw names out for you. If you’re stuck on ideas, Christmas cookies are delicious and easy to bake, making for a great SS pressie – you can find some inspiration here. Then, you will all visit your local postie and send your gifts to your SS. Once received, organise a day and time to carry out your virtual Secret Santa game via video chat! Take it in turns opening your gifts and trying to guess who it came from, all with a festive snack in-hand and some welcome laughs between family and friends. 

Three new ways to play Secret Santa

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