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3 Ways To Spice Up Secret Santa

Category: entertainment

A holiday classic with a twist!

Secret Santa is a holiday staple - and a great way to avoid the usual gift giving chaos. Often used to streamline workplace, classroom and extended family celebrations, 2018 is all about embracing the alternatives. This Christmas, shake things up with one of these fun, new ways to enjoy the gift-giving season.

Yankee Swap

Also known as Dirty Santa, this game brings out the wicked in everyone! In short, each player brings a gift suitable for everyone, adhering to a set price limit, and leaves it on the table. Once everyone has arrived, players take turns to either open a new gift, or steal a previously opened gift. This continues until the last gift is opened, leaving the last player to have their pick of all the opened gifts. Indulge your dark side and walk away with a gift you'll actually enjoy!

Left, right, left.

Introducing the ultimate kid-friendly Christmas game. Ask every child to bring a unisex gift which will then be passed around a circle and paused according to a story. Each time the word left or right appears, pass the gift to the person in that direction. The game ends when the story is over. Get creative and make up your own story, or follow our example below:

"It was Christmas Eve at the RIGHT family’s home, and Mum was LEFT alone to finish cooking the ham. Daddy RIGHT and the RIGHT kids came home after finishing what was LEFT of their Christmas shopping. Daddy RIGHT asked Mum if she had any cookies LEFT. Mum said that she had a cookie for anyone who could help clean up. Daddy RIGHT LEFT straight away, but the RIGHT kids stayed around to help Mum, and were given one cookie each. Billy RIGHT asked Mum if there would be enough cookies LEFT to put out for Santa, because he wanted to be sure everything was RIGHT for his visit. Mum said that she had two cookies LEFT, which is exactly the RIGHT amount Santa prefers, and gave them to Billy RIGHT to take to the dining table with a glass of milk. Billy RIGHT LEFT the cookies on the mantle, and went RIGHT to bed. When the RIGHT family woke in the morning, they were delighted to see that Santa had eaten the cookies, and LEFT presents for each RIGHT kid. At the end of this story, I hope you are LEFT with the RIGHT gift yourself, because that is what a LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT is all about, RIGHT?"

Santa’s Casino

Finally, one for the big kids! At Santa’s Casino, players bring money in addition to their gift - for example, a $20 gift for the table and a $10 note to add to the jackpot. Once everyone has arrived, give each player one of three options:

Option A: Choose a gift from the table

Option B: Put your name in a hat to win the money

Option C: Put your name in a different hat to win all the remaining gifts

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