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Transform Your Home With Our Easy Decluttering Tips

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Not only will it maximise space, it’s quite therapeutic. But storage space can be expensive, we know! Avoid forking out excess cash with our seven tips below. Relish in all the benefits of a clean home and live your life clutter- and stress-free. 

Our top seven savvy decluttering tips:
1. Ice cube trays aren’t reserved for your freezer. Fill them up with knick-knacks such as earrings and bracelets for the perfect jewellery tray. You can even coat the tray with a pop of colour for extra flair. 
2. Forever losing those pesky bobby pins? Put a magnetic strip on the back of bathroom cabinets and voilà! You’ll never lose one again!
3. For those who have an array of cleaning products growing under the kitchen sink, place products in a shoe organiser installed on the back of a wall. This will maximise space.  
4. Cake stands are an effective and stylish way of keeping your beauty products in the bathroom organised. 
5. A magazine file holder is a great space to store the kitchen essentials, such as plastic wrap and baking paper.
6. Never throw away your empty cereal boxes! Instead, decorate them with patterned wrapping paper and use them as drawer organisers. 
7. Tupperware is always a chore to keep organised. Install a CD rack in your drawer to store lids. You can even arrange them in size order for easy access.  

Like what you read above? Have a go at our top hack for decluttering your bathroom!


1 cake stand

2 mason jars

1 packet chalkboard labels, with chalk

1 small rectangular storage holder

1 packet cotton buds/balls

1 packet cotton tips

All of your beauty products


Put together the cake stand.

Gather any small items in your bathroom.

Gather labels, mason jar and cake stand.

Place cotton buds and tips in mason jars, then label accordingly.

Place makeup brushes in small rectangular holder.

Position small beauty products on the different plates of the cake stand.

If this tickles your fancy, don’t be afraid to employ these organisational techniques in other areas of your home. Collate similar items and store them in innovative ways, avoiding clutter and ensuring that your home is always in a tip-top shape.

Products used:

Kmart 3-tier cake stand $10

Kmart Jam jar with chalk $2ea

Kmart Chalkboard labels $3

Kmart Rounded mirror $19

Target Cotton buds $3

Target Cotton tips $2

Target Mason plastic tumbler grey $2

Target Chi Chi Powder brush 102 $24.95, Domed-flat foundation brush $18.95, Domed eye shadow brush $10.95, Flat eye shadow brush 115 $9.95

Target Nude by Nature Natural mineral cover $39.95, Sheer blow BB cream $29.95, Contour fluid trio $39.95

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