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What Your Coffee Says About You

Category: food

Coffee, the delicious elixir that gets us from A to B every morning and helps us during those long nights. How can a bunch of beans lead us to living our best life day-to-day, you ask? They’re magic beans, that’s why! That’s all well and good, but have you ever wondered what your coffee order says about you? Read on to find out!


Unfortunately, cappuccino’s are on their last legs. Which is heartbreaking because all that foam can make anyone feel like a kid again! You might as well be stuck in the 90s, watching The Nanny while sipping on this type of coffee! You’re classy and you’re too set in your ways to change it up now. 

Flat White

You wouldn’t dare give up Aussie beverage and have anything other than a flat white! You’re as good as they come and love tradition. You tell it how it is and you’re definitely not one to beat around the bush! It’s no pain, no gain in your books.

You’re a bit of a fashionista and love catching up for latte’s with the girls. This is a comfort drink for you and you love taking time to enjoy it. You’re not too fussed on how you take your coffee, but this seems to be right because it’s in the middle of milk moustache and easy-to-drink.

Long Black

You’re a bit old fashioned and you’re giving off serious Dad vibes. You couldn’t be bothered with milk and you see coffee as something that’s best kept classic. You live a minimalistic lifestyle and once you’ve had your long black, you’re ready to have conversations. 

You.are.ruthless! You don’t have time to sip on a cup of coffee - you prefer to just chug it down and get on with your day. You don’t like to complicate things and you love living the simple life. Why waste time when you could be productive? That’s your mantra. 

Anything with almond milk
Let’s be real, almond milk in coffee tastes disgusting. We all know it, but no one wants to say it. You live a healthy lifestyle and that reflects in your coffee order. You are a cautious person and you always think things through carefully before you make decisions. 


You just want to see the world burn, don’t you? Only joking. You might not be the biggest fan of coffee but you give it a go when someone invites you. By giving it a go, I mean having it decaf. Coffee’s not your thing but that’s ok. You’re ready to give things a go and you make an effort!

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