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PSA: packed lunches aren’t just for kids! Share the fun and make midday meals work for your wallet and your waistline, with these easy to prepare and delicious to unpack, weekday lunch tips.


Greens are golden

For optimal energy and brain function throughout the day, healthy servings of fruit and vegetables are key. When it comes to lunch,
make sure you get in your daily serving of greens by adding in leaves of your choice as the filler to any pre-made meal. As a rule, greens should take up at least a third of any meal.

Snack city

Everyone knows that three square meals a day are the best way to keep your stomach at bay, but what about the in between hunger
pangs? Fruits and nuts are not only nutritious and delicious, but they’re remarkably easy to keep fresh all day long whether there’s space in the refrigerator or not. Pop some in your bag so you can snack on-the-go!

Protein Portions

Now that we’ve got your fruit and vegetables covered, it’s time for some protein! Pre-cooked chicken, tofu or fish all make great lunch additions and they’re so easy to cook and pack. Simply slice and add to your lunchbox on top of your greens, or wrap in foil and heat up for a quick and filling meal when break time hits.


Frozen Fresh

Pastas, curries, and casseroles aren’t just dinnertime staples. Your favourite family meals can also be lunchtime go-to’s when pre-frozen in individual lunch servings, ready to be popped straight into your bag on your way out the door.

Reuse and Recycle 

The best thing about leftovers? They make amazing ingredients for entirely new meals – all you need is a bit of imagination. So, rather than just throwing last night’s bolognaise into tupperware, why not repurpose it by adding some mexican flavouring – hello taco Tuesday! Excess vegetables? It’s time for a frittata or a veggie scramble. Didn’t go through all of the dip on your cheese platter? Mix it up with some greek yoghurt and olive oil and use as a zesty new salad dressing – the possibilities are endless.


Meal prep organisation for Sundays

Avoid the morning rush (well, part of it anyway) and lastminute lunch expenses by prepping your meals in your spare time on the weekend. The easiest way to do this? Pick a salad you love that will keep fresh in the fridge for five days and make all the elements in bulk.

Batch your dressing, and pop in a mason jar in the fridge, ready to take with you on Monday. Next, wash, dry, chop, and place your greens into five individual containers. After that get onto your protein! Whether you’re into chicken, fish, tofu, falafels or something else, pre-cook to your taste in bulk and once they’ve cooled down, add on top of your greens in your containers. On a health kick? Pre-weigh your protein so that you have five calorie perfect portions. Don’t feel full without carbohydrates? Both pasta and rice will keep well in the fridge and won’t make your greens soggy. Just make sure you don’t pre-dress your meal (leave that for lunchtime) and everything should keep fresh for guilt-free gourmet lunches all week long

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