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Raspberry Frozen Bombe Dessert

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If you’re looking for an impressive ice-cream dessert, you can’t go past a vanilla and raspberry frozen bombe. Made with raspberry puree, white chocolate, and double cream, it’s a mouth-watering combo that will be sure to satisfy even the most insatiable sweet tooth! Let your inner MasterChef shine with the raspberry mirror glaze on top and store any leftovers in the freezer.


1. To make the ice cream, whip the double cream until just starting to hold its shape. Fold in the condensed milk and vanilla paste, then transfer to a plastic tub and freeze while you make the rest of the components.

2. To make the biscuit layer, rub the butter into the flour and sugar until it reaches the texture of fine breadcrumbs. Stir in the egg, then knead as little as possible to form a dough. 

3. Roll out the dough between two sheets of greaseproof paper until 5 mm thick, then cut out a 20 cm | 8-inch circle. Transfer the circle, still on the greaseproof, to a baking tray and freeze for 10 minutes to firm up.

4. Preheat the oven to 170°C (150° fan) | 325F | gas 3. Bake the biscuit for 6 minutes or until firm and golden brown. Leave to cool.

5. To make the sponge layers, increase the oven temperature to 200°C (180° fan) | 400F | gas 6 and grease and line a 20 cm | 8-inch round cake tin, a 13 cm | 5-inch round cake tin and a large swiss roll tin with greaseproof paper. 

6. Whisk the eggs, caster sugar and vanilla extract together with an electric whisk until thick and voluminous. Carefully fold in the flour, then spread the mixture into the three prepared tins.

7. Bake the sponges for 8 minutes or until springy to the touch. Leave to cool.

8. To make the jelly and mirror glaze, puree the raspberries in a liquidiser, then pass the mixture through a sieve into a saucepan to remove the seeds. Add the glucose, caster sugar and whipping cream to the pan, stir over a low heat to dissolve the sugar, then increase the heat and boil until it reaches 102°C | 216F.

9. While the raspberry mixture is heating, stir the gelatine into the lemon juice and leave to swell. When the raspberry mixture comes up to temperature, take the pan off the heat. Leave to cool for 5 minutes before whisking in the gelatine. You will need to stir the mixture occasionally while you assemble the dessert.

10. To assemble the dessert, line a 20 cm | 8-inch hemisphere mould with cling film, letting the edges overhang. Cut the cake from the swiss roll tin into triangles and use them to line the mould, ensuring there are no gaps.  Spread half of the ice cream into a thick layer all over.

11. Mix half the raspberries with 6 tbsp of the mirror glaze in a bowl. Spoon the mixture into the bombe mould and top with the 13 cm round sponge layer.

12. Fold the rest of the raspberries into the rest of the ice cream and spoon it into the mould, levelling the surface. Top with the 20 cm sponge layer.

13. Freeze the bombe until the rest of the mirror glaze cools to 40°C | 104F. Transfer the biscuit layer to a wire rack set over a tray. Turn out the bombe on top and remove the clingfilm. Pour the mirror glaze all over the top.

14. Put the melted white chocolate in a piping bag and pipe a big zig-zag over the top. Carefully dip the lower edge of the bombe in white chocolate flakes.

15. Freeze the bombe for at least 2 hours or until 30 minutes before you're ready to serve.



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  • Serves: 8-10
  • Time needed: 3 hours 5 minutes
  • Difficulty Difficult


  • 500 ml double cream
  • 397 g condensed milk, (1 can)
  • 2 tsp vanilla bean paste
  • 200 g raspberries
  • 25 g white chocolate, melted
  • 75 g white chocolate flakes
  • For the biscuit layer
  • 100 g salted butter, cubed
  • 150 g plain flour
  • 100 g caster sugar
  • 1 large egg, beaten
  • For the sponge layers
  • 6 large eggs
  • 150 g caster sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 150 g plain flour
  • For the mirror glaze and jelly layer
  • 400 g raspberries
  • 60 g liquid glucose
  • 350 g caster sugar
  • 200 ml whipping cream
  • 20 g powdered gelatine
  • 50 ml lemon juice