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Stay up to date with all of the latest news in relation to the MPark project.

8 Murrell Street, Building B Data Centre - October 2023

The base building works for the Data Centre Building B have now been completed, with operation of the Data Centre expected to commence late 2023.

11-17 Khartoum Rd (Building C, Building D, and The Park) - Site Possession & Establishment- August 2023

ADCO Construction have taken full site procession as of 18th of August 2023. WiSE Medical have since relocated to Building A, 11 Khartoum Rd and has been fully operational since 11 August 2023.  Hoarding has been installed along the remaining section of Khartoum Road and site worker accommodation installed, readying the site for demolition.  The Notice of Commencement Letter was issued to Ryde City Council on 15 August 2023 which enables demolition works to commence. The next key milestone for the project will be the commencement of demolition works on the existing building, expected to start late August. Excavation will follow shortly after demolition, with expected start in early October.


11-17 Khartoum Rd (Building C, Building D, and The Park) - Site Establishment - July 2023

ADCO Constructions has been appointed as the head contractor to deliver the final stage of the MPark Stage 1 which includes the delivery of Building C, Building D and The Park.

Site establishment works commenced on Tuesday 4th July 2023 with ADCO taking possession of a portion of the site, please be advised that WiSE Medical is still in operation during this period and the construction site will be clearly delineated with fencing and signage. Site establishment works will involve the following:

-Installation of perimeter hoardings along Talavera Road and Khartoum Road
-Installation of temporary fencing for existing tree protection
-Minor soft strip works within the existing building (outside of the WiSE tenancy)

The next key milestone for the project will be ADCO taking full site possession in early August 2023 and commencing demolition of the existing building.


11 Khartoum Rd (Building A) - Mobile Crane - 21st May 2022

Taylor Construction Group will be setting up a mobile crane on the westbound lane of Khartoum Road on Saturday 21st of May. Traffic will be able to travel in both directions throughout the day and no route diversions will be required. The mobile crane is required to remove the final excavators from the site and works are scheduled to commence at 8am and will be complete by 3pm, in accordance with the DA conditions. Taylor Construction have notified Ryde Council all relevant documents are in place. View the letter below.

M_Park Building A Neighbour Notice Mobile Crane 210522

33-39 Talavera Road (Building B - Data Centre) Tower Crane (TC2) erection - 4th April 2022

Hutchinson Builders will be erecting the second (TC2) of two luffing tower cranes commencing Friday 8th April and continuing through to completion on Saturday 9th April 2022. The tower crane will be commissioned on Monday 11th April 2022 and commence operation thereafter for a period of approximately eight months. The erection is weather pending and the 20th to 22nd of April is scheduled as backup. View the letter below. 

M_Park Building B Tower Crane 2 Erection Notice Letter


33-39 Talavera Road (Building B - Data Centre) Updates - 15th March 2022

As Australia's largest privately owned construction company, Hutchinson Builders have been building the structures in which Australians live, work, study, shop and play since 1912. They have since grown into a dynamic and diverse construction company, delivering sophisticated projects across a comprehensive portfolio.

Construction update, 33-39 Talavera Road (Building B - Data Centre)

Hutchison Builders are progressing well on site with excavation nearly complete. The project team is gearing up for the second Construction Certificate (CC2) for the superstructure due to commence in March 2022. First crane’s installation scheduled for 18 March 2022. View the letter below.

M_Park Building B Tower Crane Erection Notice Letter

The demolition of the Chubb warehouse was completed early September 2021, making way for the main base building works to commence. Hutchinson Builders took possession of the site in late September 2021.  

The proposed Building B base building works will continue until approximately Q1 2023, with a further estimated four to five months for fitout works.  Approved construction works hours set out by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment are between 7am and 6pm Monday to Friday (other than public holidays) and 8am to 1pm on Saturday, noting special permits may be delivered by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment to allow work outside these hours. 
Both the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and City of Ryde Council have been notified on the commencement of construction, refer SSD-10467. 


11 - 17 Khartoum Road M-Park (Building A) Construction Works Tower Crane Erection - 21st January 2022

Please be advised that Taylor Construction Group / Resolution Rigging Services will be erecting the project tower crane on Tuesday 25th January 2022. Works are scheduled to commence at 04:00am and will be complete by 21:00pm.

The sequence of events will be as follows:

- Traffic control will be established on Khartoum Road. Both lanes of traffic remain open but the southern footpath adjacent to site will be closed.

- Two bus stops (westbound and eastbound) will be closed, and pedestrians will be directed to alternative bus stop locations.

- Once traffic control is established a mobile crane will be setup within the westbound lane and footpath of Khartoum Road.

- Once the mobile crane is setup, all tower crane sections will be progressively lifted from the westbound lane of Khartoum Road under strict supervision of Taylor Construction Group and Resolution Rigging Services.

- Once all lifting operations have been carried out all traffic control measures will be removed and the pedestrian footpath and bus stops will be reopened.

All activities have been agreed with City of Ryde Council.

Relevant documentation:

- Neighbourhood Notice from Taylor Construction Group


Construction update, 11 Khartoum Road (Building A) - 28th September 2021

Taylor Constructions commenced on site on Monday 2nd August following the COVID-19 industry lockdown. Hard demolition of the 11-17 Khartoum Road Building is on track to be completed by end of September. 

The piling rig is now on site with OSD tank piles complete on front boundary and now perimeter shoring having commenced. Once this is complete, bulk excavation will commence, with the next key milestone of the tower crane installation in December 2021.

Construction update, 11 Khartoum Road (Building A) - 29th July 2021

In line with NSW government restrictions, we had put a pause on construction works commencing at MPark. With the announcement on Wednesday 28th July of restrictions lifting, construction works on site will commence on Monday 2nd August 2021 with COVID-Safe plans in place. 

Construction update, 11 Khartoum Road (Building A) – 8th July 2021

For the past six months, Stockland has been working with its lead contractor Taylor Constructions to develop the construction program for Building A, including the safe demolition of the existing buildings on site and construction of the 10-storey commercial building. 

These demolition works will commence from Monday 19th July 2021 and will be carried out between 7.00am and 7.00pm Monday to Friday (other than public holidays) and between 8.00am and 4.00pm on Saturday. No building activities will be carried out at any time on a Sunday or on public holidays.

Once site possession is given to the Principal Contractor to commence Building A, the anticipated works over the following four weeks:

- Site establishment including installation of perimeter site fencing and site amenities within the allocated area.
- Commencement of demolition of the 11-17 Khartoum Road office space. Initially there will be soft strip of internal areas, and then commencement of demolition where an exclusion zone will be set up.
- Demolition will take 4-6 weeks, and during the back end of this, the builder will start to commence perimeter shoring.

A work zone permit will be submitted to council in the coming months along Khartoum Road once the tower crane is installed. 

The proposed Building A project will continue until approximately February 2023.   

Please note that Ryde Council has been notified of our intentions, you can refer to LDA2017/0547 to review.

Relevant Documentation

Neighbourhood Notice from Taylor Construction Group

Development update, Lodgement of Development Applications – June 2021

To date, 5 applications have been lodged to the City of Ryde Council seeking approval for the following works:

- Concept plan (LDA2020/0229): This Concept Development application was approved by Council in December 2020 and permits the design parameters such as building envelopes, building layout, parking, roads, open spaces as well as the staging of MPark.
- 11 Khartoum Road/Building A (LDA2017/0547): This application was approved in December 2019, and permits the construction and delivery of a 10-storey commercial office building.

- 17 Khartoum Road/Building C (LDA2021/0035): Stockland received Development Approval from City of Ryde council (LDA2021/0035) on 10 November 2021

- 15 Khartoum Road/Building D (LDA2021/0159): Stockland received Development Approval from City of Ryde council (LDA2021/0035) on 10 November 2021.

- Demolition of Existing Warehouse (LDA2020/0284): This application was approved by City of Ryde Council in November 2020 and permits the demolition of the existing warehouse at 33-39 Talavera Road. 

An application was also lodged with DPIE seeking approval for:

  • 33-39 Talavera Road/Building B (SSD-10467): Building B DA is a State Significant Development Application (SSDA) and Notice of Consent was issued on 28 May 2021. The approval allows the construction and operation of a data centre, including associated office space, supporting infrastructure and services, car parking and landscaping.

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