Sienna Wood is open space galore. Lush nature and green space is practically waving at you from your doorstep. And, things just got a whole lot better - our refreshed Neerigen Brook area is now complete to give your nature walks that extra oomph.

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05 October 2023

Our little community is growing up. We've got long-time residents (who've been through a lot with us), infrastructure on the way with the future town centre - and now, the revitalised Neerigen Brook. 

Did you know Sienna Wood is 39% open space? That's a whopping 4 times more than the minimum requirement for new developments (talk about overachieving). And we're doing it in style - with Neerigen Brook linking together different parts of the community through green connections. All the way from Shipwreck Park to Eleventh Road. 

Sienna Wood isn't just a place to live, it's a vibrant outdoorsy community. And now, with Neerigen Brook complete and accessible to the public, added footpaths and crushed limestone trails allow you and the family (plus furry friends) to actively enjoy more of what's on offer at Sienna Wood. 

It all ties back to our vision for the future. A community where you can live and breathe with nature, an active lifestyle, and safe, clean (and pretty) outdoor spaces on your doorstep. We're prioritising outdoor amenity for people to enjoy - and Neerigen Brook hits the mark.

And it doesn't stop there. Next on the agenda - the rehabilitation of our wetlands, and the highly anticipated Dinosaur Park. Opening later this year, Dino Park is set to continue green connections from Neerigen Brook through the community. So, as you stroll through Neerigen Brook on your next weekend walk, we suggest keeping your eyes peeled!

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