We're on a mission at Sienna Wood: to make sure there's an excuse for everyone to get a breath of fresh air (and have the right space to do it). With our new Dinosaur Park set to stomp in by Christmas, learn more about our open space "continuum" and find out what's waiting for you in the community - whether it's a brand new walking trail to explore, or a playground to bring the little ones to.

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06 November 2023

Our residents are in all different stages of life. Have energetic little ones who can't resist a morning at the local playground? Or, maybe your kids are a bit older and prefer playing sports down at the park with their friends. Even if you're just on a fresh fitness kick and after a new running trail - we've got everyone covered. And we mean everyone. 

The Playground Enthusiast  

These are the regular playground-goers. They love the thrill of exploring all the different equipment (and aren't phased by a slide on a hot day). They're young, fun, and not afraid to get their hands sandy. With our community's 3 main playgrounds, enthusiasts of all ages are catered for. 

Our new Dinosaur Park will soon be the go-to for toddlers. With submerged dinosaur fossils and eggs, Dino Park is the perfect setting for an afternoon of discovery and play (and sure to reveal a few young archaeologist prodigies!). Over at Shipwreck Park, enthusiasts in their early primary school years can channel their inner pirate and explore all things nautical, with giant swings, a double flying fox, and in-ground trampolines for hours of fun. And, for those enthusiasts that are a little bit older, Explorer Park is just down the road with an 8m tall "tree of life" tower, rock climbing walls and connected tunnel slides - the perfect sensory play for all interests and abilities. 

Miss/Mr. Independent 

Ah... the kids have finally hit that age where they don't want you to call them "kids" anymore. We're guessing Explorer Park isn't really their cup of tea either. For all those 12 going on 19 year old tweens out there, a park for you is on the cards for Sienna Wood in the future (and if you've got any ideas, we'd love for you to tell us what you'd like to see). In the meantime, there's so many open spaces around the community to enjoy. Budding gardener? Why not take ownership of our community garden located next to Mooba Café? Love some light-hearted competition? Make use of the tennis tables, football goals and basketball courts down by Shipwreck Park. Or, practice you swing at the cricket nets by Explorer Park. You can even make use of the large open grassed areas across the community for a social game with mates. 

The Fitness Fanatic 

There's always that one person you know that makes their new year's resolutions and actually sticks to them. These are those people. They attend the Shipwreck parkrun - a weekly 5k community run around the neighbourhood - every week without fail, putting the rest of us to shame. But Sienna Wood is the perfect place for fitness fanatics to thrive. With trails running throughout the community - you can walk, run, cycle or jog as much or as little as you like (we don't judge). And, with Wungong Regional Parks within 13km, why not extend that morning walk out to a hike? 

Finding it hard to motivate yourself to go on that solo run? Maybe group fitness is more your vibe. Don't worry, we've got that covered too. Free daily fitness classes with our friends over at Live Life Get Active take place at Shipwreck Park, with sessions running at 9:30am, 5:15pm, and 5:30pm. With boxing, X-training and yoga on offer, start small with one session a week, or get your fitness regime going with a session each day to work with your schedule. It's a win-win. 

The Nature Admirer

These are the eagle-eyed people that can spot every unique plant species and native critter on your scenic walk. They love the fresh air, green spaces, and the sound of the birds chirping first thing in the morning (although this may annoy the rest of us). And where better to be a nature admirer than Sienna Wood? We are made up of 39% open space after all, a significant portion of which is dedicated to creating a sustainable sanctuary for our native flora and fauna. With 66% of our 13.3ha conservation area now rehabilitated and planted, the community is full of lush conservation spaces for fellow nature admirers to explore. Our recently refreshed Neerigen Brook should be at the top of the hit-list, with crushed limestone trails creating green connections throughout the community (and new routes for discovering those unique species). Talk about the perfect morning walk location. And it doesn't stop there, with the rest of our conservation wetland and Neerigen Brook set to be rehabilitated next winter. 

The Dog Lover

These are the people who have to pat any dog they pass in the street. You might have a full conversation with them before realising that "kid" they keep referring to is actually just the family dog. Bonus points if they dress up their dog to match their own outfit. Who doesn't love that? At Sienna Wood, we sure do. Your furry friends are well-catered for here, with a fully enclosed dog park fit out with agility equipment, and dedicated spaces for smaller and larger pooches to play off-leash. For some on-leash fitness, open green spaces and walking trails around the community create the perfect track for your next morning dog walk. 

On a mission to make sure you've got a well-trained pooch? We've got you covered there too. Our partnership with RSPCA means you and your four-legged friend (over 13+ weeks) can join free dog training sessions, learning to be on their best behaviour (and even a fancy new trick or two). Whether you have a pup or a senior - this one's for you! 

It all ties into our vision for the future of Sienna Wood. Creating a place where you can live, breathe and be active in a space suited to your needs - and we think we've ticked all the boxes. 

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